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Deb J

One of the things I did was to put duplicates and pictures where I didn’t remember where/who they were in a box. Then the next time anyone from the family was around or where I could send pictures of groupings I asked if they wanted them. Once those were culled I then threw them out. I found that more of the scenery ones were tossed. Most of the people ones were taken by someone in the family. It’s a big job. When my father died he had 12 carousels of slides and enough more slides for probably 12 more. I ended up keeping three a PhD the rest were either trashed (3) or sent on the family or our former church. I’m glad I did that because I had 24 scrapbooks that I did this year. All of it is gone. Now when I die some non-family executor won’t have to do it.


This is on my next project to do list. Hardest thing is to get started. These ideas are very helpful!


I did this job a few years ago. I made a box of photos for each of my kids (besides their scrapbooks) and a box for myself. I pitched and sorted like you did. My kids will get their scrapbooks and their box. What will you do with all your scrapbooks that are not child specific? I have some of those and hope one of my kids will want them! This is rewarding yet onerous project - good luck!

Claudia Fries

Thank you for these posts Debby. I am in the process of selling my home and moving to a two bedroom apartment. Cleaning out but do not have the time for the photos that desperately need this type of organization. They are all packed and being stored for me at another place, not in a cold storage bin} and I am looking forward to finally playing with the photos when I am settled. This is really perfect timing for me to gain your perspective and your “keep on keeping on” attitude. I will check back on your finished product in the near future.....have fun...

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