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Julia Louka

I have awaited this review “with bated breath” as they say, for I too travel a lot and have never used a clam-shell . Considering myself to be somewhat of a pro when it comes to packing ( 10+ years as a BA flight attendant ) I never check my bag (except occasionally from the jetway.) I feel your pain with the airports that are carpeted. Dulles ( Washington DC for the uninitiated) has seen me land at C4 and have to drag my 4 wheeler to D27.....that’s almost the length of TWO terminals ....across carpet ! Insanity ! I’m almost 72 years old for God’s sake ! Also, as you pointed out, if you let the bag out of your sight for more than a minute it will somehow sustain marks ! So for this reason I only ever use black luggage.....easily identifiable from the rest by use of acolourful strap.
To sum up...I constantly try to reduce the size of my bag. Venice is the ultimate test !

Deb Jones

What an detailed and informative review. While I don't really travel much, I have friends that do and this is great information to have. So many of them travel enough that they have come across the same issues you have. It's bad enough to have to drag luggage behind you but if it doesn't drag well and doesn't hold up well, then it can get very aggravating. I know that if I ever start traveling again I will get one of these in a dark color. Thanks for such a detailed post.


Great review Debby - thank you. I assume it fit pretty easily in the regular sized overhead bins? Safe and happy travels.

Pam Love

How about a good coat of auto wax? Would that help make scuffs easier to get off? Sometimes those marks are sticky and I’ve used Undo to get the off. Goo Gone might work too.

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