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Deb J

I gotta say Brandon is a hoot. His expressions are so telling. You did get some genuine smiles from him though. I like his bike rollers but he can be the one to use them. They would really scare me. My balance isn't that good. I enjoyed the videos of him getting used to them. First time I have heard his voice. I never realized Marimekko had mugs to match their wallpaper. That's a cool gift. Your Starbucks/ pieces are nice. Is the rectangular piece a phone cover? I can't tell in the picture. At least Buddy and Beau aren't like a friend's cat. It wants to be wrapped in the paper and ribbon and then claw it's way out. The Echo is a nice gift. I need to get something like that. Right now I just use my laptop. The luggage is great. Susan's (who comes to me to classes) luggage is all that kind. She says she will never go back to the soft sided kind. She loves it. Hope you do too. The drill you got Dave looks like the one I just bought myself. When we moved here I didn't think I would need one ever again since we had maintenance people to take care of things. Didn't realize how much I would want to do and not pay them to do it since it wasn't a necessity. Yum! Cinnamon rolls. I don't eat them but I sure like them. So sorry Brandon had to leave and that Jeremy and Becca couldn't be there. Great that J & B could at least "Phone" in. Isn't it amazing what we can do now? Would love to see the new Mary Poppins. Will have to check it out. You had a very good day. I'm so glad.

Kathie Hoffman

Looks like a good time. Will be watching for baby news soon. If you happen to have any more Dear Santa book kits I would be interested in buying one. Happy New Year.

Judy M Webb

Debby!! That Brandon stays young and gets more handsome. When is the baby due? You do not need to answer. I saw where you saw my Christmas photo. We had great time. Doing well. Have great studio and switched from mini-albums to boxes. They have been well received by those who do not put photos in albums but carry around their phone!! I have enough paper hoarded to make a lot more!!
Sooooo love traveling with you through photos. Traveling is thing we did lots of and miss most!! Every time I see sidewalk cafe in Paris on ancient city on a hill in Italy it brings back great memories. So happy for your success and all the traveling you do.
Love you, Judy a resident of Houston, TX

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