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Debbie Nobles

Santa’s Workshop line is cute

Brenda Hubbard

I love Simple Stories vintage, but, really I love all the Christmas. Anything YOU come up with is always cute.

Clair Lambright

Botanicals minus the bugs, Simple Stories Christmas, Echo Park Christmas, Pebbles Christmas minus the sloth (I thought it was too random), Jen Hadfield, were my favorites. I liked the coffee collection, but don’t know that I want to make a coffee-themed book.

Thanks for sharing! This was fun!!

Deb J

I love the bright colors of Graphic 45 but like you there are too many dolls and stuff. I have found that with all of the Graphic 45 items I have bought I wind up giving most of it away because it is hard to use it with my everyday life pictures. Plus much of it has too many of the figures on it. I wish they would do on or two papers with the figures and everything else be the colors and maybe flowers/plants but not the figures. I only buy individual sheets of paper now.

I like the Simple Stories Christmas, the 2nd and 3rd pictures of the Echo Park Christmas lines, the Mom Squad and Coffee stickers, I dislike the Pebbles Christmas except for a couple of the papers (that whatever hanging on the tree is ugly), part of the Crepe Paper collection especially the stickers, and some of each of the rest. I really like that one photo of embellishments especially the clock sticker pkg, the pack of ephemera, and the round wood piece. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are so creative I am sure it will all be wonderful and beautiful.

Pam Love

I LOVE the Crate Paper Christmas line with the little snow globes! How cute is that! And the color palette is non traditional, really like that. I like the Maggie Holmes collection, but what's up with the creepy pandas? I'm sure whatever you pick, I will love the finished project.

Gloria L.

After so many years, it must be difficult for companies to come up with a different Christmas collection. I still prefer deep, rich, traditional colors mixed with gold, but I know that I am in the minority since most people have children in their Christmas photos. I sure miss the 7Gypsy style! Just my 2 cents worth.

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