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Deb J

The roses keep getting more beautiful. Beau is such a hoot. So he was taking the roses out of the vase? Did he spill the water doing that? Naughty Beau!

Ooo! I like the cover for the Story Girl album. Beautiful. And the Here & There Traveler's Notebook looks full of goodness. You always make such fun classes. Praying all your classes sell out this year.

I'd love to live close to you just for the chance to help you sort and stash all that product. I'd do it for free just to be able to see it all and dream.

I like the look of that humidifier. Maybe I need to get one. It is so dry here and not only do you get shocked every time you turn around but you feel like your mouth and throat are a desert. Hum! Maybe that's why I have more headaches.

Have a good time playing with all that product. Hope you quickly have all you ordered and can get the kits made up. Another thing I would find fun.

Praying that you will stay safe and healthy this year.

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