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Deb J

What a wonderful idea to have a retreat at the beginning of each year. I have been having an at home one this week. I do have an interruption today to take Mom to the lab but other than that I have been staying in my apartment and doing more reading and reflecting. I have two more days and then my week will be over.

My word for this year is HEAL. I have a lot of physical issues and God has told me he has healed me. I am using this as a way to watch it play out and record it as it comes. He has already healed me of the flu and I can feel some other things changing and improving. I'm so excited to see the end result as my body catches up with what He has already done.


remembering god's promises
my daughter is getting married, the promise of marriage


Embark.....lots of changes this year...retiring after 40 years....


I think that is incredible that you had the kit just waiting for you!!!
I saw Cheer on your instagram and didn't quite get it but after reading, I do.
Great choice!

Annie Fischer

At work, with precious kiddos. At home, where I care for my elderly mom and disabled husband. Just beyond home, with my son and his fiancée. Wherever I go, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

I had heard of OLW, but I’m excited to find Ali Edwards’ guided program to help me focus on my word with prompts throughout the year, so I’m finally joining the OLW community. (And that’s where I found you.)

I love the idea of a retreat all by yourself. I was able to dive into God’s Word like never before at my stay-at-home retreat during our December break. So far, I’ve kept my new habit of getting up earlier each day for prayer and Bible study. As a result, I’m helping God nurture me!

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