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Marcy F.

Would love this stamp set to use with my bible journaling.

Teah Barrow

Hi Debbie, Thanks for the give away. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you!

Lisa Ash

They are just awesome!! I just received my first Journaling Bible and I can't wait to get started! These would sure help and make my Bible look beautiful! Thank you!


My dear friend just started her illustrated faith Bible and I would love to have her win!!
Karen is her name!!

Vicki Loichinger

So precious and I could see myself making small journals for Christmas to give to people in ,my family


I haven't tried stamps in my Bible yet. Would love to win these and give it a try!


The "one and only" is my favorite set out of this group. Would love to win. Thanks for sharing.

Katalina -Marie Kruszewski

What a great giveaway!! Thanks so much!! Have fun on your trip!!!

Angelica Disterhoft

We were just vacationing up North in WI! I would LOVE a set of stamps - I haven't ventured into stamps yet! Thank you for holding the contest


How awesome! I love this set!


Hi Debbie! Have a fun time in Wisconsin!

Florence Hall

These stamps are so great! That's for the awesome article!

Denise Kerut

exciting! I want to start decorating my Bible too! Their products look great! I hope to find them in a store or at a crop for sale to see them all in person! I , too, have been hoping for Christian products that are cute for a long time! I enjoyed shopping at the flea market in NYC last Saturday! I thought of you! Thanks for the chance to win!


Thank you for sharing! I have recently began bible journaling & I am completely in love! It is so amazing to meditate deeper in God's word with art.

Ana Belmont

I would love to win these! Thanks for the opportunity! :) God bless!

Lois Hossler

wonderful stamp set! Have a great trip!


Great giveaway, love your blog.

Cheyenne Shoemake

Such an awesome way to help others dive into The Gospel! I'm new to Bible journaling & have learned it's such a positive stress relief from work and college. Hoping for some of my friends to get hooked as well!

Cheryl S.

I have just started bible journaling and these stamps would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win!


I've been wanting to get a set of stamps for bible journaling as I keep seeing them! Hopefully I will have a set soon! ;) thanks for the giveaway!

Mary Van Nus

I'm new to the Bible journaling community and would love to get a stamp set. Thanks!


I have been following you all for awhile and have been gathering ideas and examples this would really help my ability to add to my bible. It is so good of you to share. Thank you


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these sets.


Love getting into the word daily. The stamps has been such a blessing. Would love to add to my collection.

Susan  Steinke

A nice blessing to give, and receive!

Sharon Click

I would love this stamp set. Thanks for sharing! I'm just starting my journaling journey. So excited!

Debby C

I am stamp-deficient and would love a set of these!

Melody Kong

Hi Debbie,shoutout from Singapore here! I would love to receive the stamp set!!! Thanks for being such an encouragement to us as always! God bless you!

Eileen Kirban

Would love the stamps for the feathers

Dolli Neikirk

Loving Illustrating my faith in my Bible! Thank you for the opportunity to win a set! God Bless!

Kim Zapalac

Love these stamps! So pretty!

becky d.

What a great give away -- need to start searching out places to buy these products.


Love the stamp set. Just what I need to inspire me. Can't make Milwaukee but will see you in Fl at Whim So Doodle in November!!!


Hi Debbie, Your Bible is looking so AWESOME GIRL...Been keeping up with you, your travels, your Bible journaling, your classes, they are AWESOME as well...You know these stamps are so wonderful, it would be a blessing to receive such a gift from you......AND, I LOVE THE IEDA OF THE STAMP GO MAKE DECIPLES.....AND LIGHT OF THE WORLD ....for GOD wants us to be his DECIPLES AND SHARE HIS WORD AND WHAT BETTER WAY TO DO IT BUT BY LETTING OUR LIGHT SO SHINE IN OUR WORD AND PUTTING IT IN OUR ART WORK........

Jill C.

Enjoy Wisconsin! Your faith is as boundless as your travels! These latest stamps are wonderful~


I hope I win the giveaway. It will help me to build up my Bible journaling supplies.

Milisa Gardner

I just started art journaling thru the bible. I only use color pencils now until I have spare money to get more I would love these

Elisa VanWormer

Those are so pretty, PTL


What a generous gift! I would love to win your giveaway. I've wanted to purchase the illustrated faith stamp sets so bad but finances just haven't allowed me to do that.

Karen Seifert

I just started Bible Journaling and have been using my rubber stamps. These stamps would be a beautiful addition. Thank you!


Pick me, pick me! 😄

Larell Strickland

Not only would this be great for Bible journaling but for making cards for encouragement!! Thx for the chance to win!! Have fun in WI!!

Alex Jones

I don't have any stamps yet!!! This would be awesome!!! I'm so excited to start Bible journaling! Looooove your blog!!! :)


I've become new to the Bible Journaling group and I've fallen in love. I want to make it a weekly or daily thing I do while at college to keep me accountable and in love with Jesus. I'd love to have these to begin my collection!


I have not tried stamps in my Bible.

Rachel Flemming

Stamps are something that I haven't tried yet in my bible! It would be awesome to discover another element that I can add!!

Kathy Favorite

Enter me please!


Love to win. Have been trying to get stamps to get started! Safe travels!

Rachelle C

Oh! Pick me! 😋

Linda Dykstra

Who doesn't want to win! But living in Canada can be a drawback. We also don't have any Hobby Lobbys. Regardless from what I have seen here the winner will be richly blessed! Thanks for the opportunity!

Tammie Howell

Thank you for the opportunity. My kids and I have looked at them and winning them would enhance our Bible journaling endeavors.

Lisa C.

Beautiful stamps. Thanks for this drawing. Would love to win.

Lisa Davila

I certainly not an artist, so the stamps really help me express myself. Thank you so much for giving some away...I am sure that whoever gets them will be Blessed.

Julie Stoller

Thanks for the chance to win this great stamp set!

Cyndee Shaw

THANK YOU so much for the awesome giveaway!!! I just started with bible journaling and would love to be entered. ❤️


Hi Debbie! These look like fun stamps to use to get started journaling or making cards with! Have an awesome trip!

Kat Z

I love these stamps & I would share them with my local bible art friends!

Kim cook

These stamps are awesome. I have been journaling for a few months now and I am just starting to use stamps in my Bible. I would love this set!


I have been fascinated with Bible Journaling for days now and plan on getting a new Bible soon! I would love to have these as I start this new journey of growing deeper with God!

Faye Strickland

I have only recently discovered bible journaling. I am excitingly awaiting my new journaling bible. As a newbie this stamp set would be perfect to launch me into this art form praying too that this will rekindle my love for the Word. Blessings! Faye

Madison Johnson

I just started my journey in bible journaling and have loved the way it helps me focus on God's word and really dive deeper. These stamps would help make my pages much prettier :)

Laura Payne

Thank you for all you do! This give away is over the top wonderful! Of course, I would love to win it! Be safe!


Super-awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win it! :)

sandi p

Awesome stamps for bible journaling. Love how we can study God's word and be creative in the process. TY

Janine Allen

This would be a beautiful set to own thank you for the chance to win I could certainly use it in my collection as I make cards for my church.

Cindy VanHouten

Would love to win. Thanks for offering. Now PICK ME, PICK ME! :)

Diane H

Your work is Great!! And the giveaway is awesome!

Kellee Overholser

Thank you for sharing the link on Facebook, I'd love to win the stamp set - I'm new to Illustrated Faith, but I LOVE it so far!!


I've just started my journey journaling in Gods Word. At the beginning of August I purchased my first ESV journaling bible and was terrified to get started. So like many others, I started by creating a permissions page at the beginning of the Bible to lay out the ground rules for what this Bible is meant to be used for. Currently I am drawing inspiration for journaling from other works that I have found on Pinterest and the Journaling Bible Community Facebook page. However, right now my stash of supplies is limited. I have checked out the Illustrated Faith Etsy shop and would love to start using some of their stamps in my Bible, however at the time, I don't have the extra funds. These stamps would be a great addition to my available supplies. May the Lord guide you in choosing someone to gift this giveaway to.

Renae Meredith

I would love to win this!

Karen H.

Enjoy Milwaukee - have some frozen custard at Kopps for me!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Lori Souter

I would love to win this stamp set!

Debbie B

Love this stamp set <3


These stamps would be a huge blessing to me!


I love my journaling bible and how it has grown my relationship with the Lord.


So pretty

Kris P

I have never done any stamping, this would be great for me to start!


I just started journaling as well and am thoroughly enjoying it. I love having my devotions in the morning and thinking of how it pertains to my life and my journaling. Thanks for the opportunity to win and congrat's to whomever wins!

Jodie Reimink

What a beautiful stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

abby cuevas

really new to this as of yesterday even shared with 2 others , hopefully I can win !!! cant wait to have a huge collection

Debbie Branda

Love Illustrated Faith and journaling in our Bibles. It really makes truths stick in my heart and mind.

gabrielle Carbonneau

Brand new newbie here. So wish I could win!

Cathy Clough

I would love to have this stamp set. A friend and I are starting a journal Bible each and we could share the set. I love your work.

kim elizabeth

Love this stamp,,,,☺️☺️☺️

Steph Smith

Love your work and would love to win this set t9 get me started on creating a legacy to hand down to my daughter!


Thanks for a chance!! Great giveaway!!!

Paula-Kay Borland

Those are all great stamp sets for Bible journaling. I'd love to be the winner.

Laura Lohse

Love those stamps and your post! Please send those stamps my way!

Shari Warkentin

OH please me me!!! I am just now learning how to use stamps and these are on my list
to buy on payday! Thanks

Tami Couts

I would love to win this kit! I love Bible Journaling! Thanks for the chance to win!


I just started journaling last week. I can't wait to get home from work each day to get back to my bible! I have never felt this close to God. I would LOVE to win this stamp set!! So sweet of you to do this, and have a fantastic time in Milwaukee!!


Thank you for this opportunity... What a blessing.

Carole S.

I literally just purchased my journaling bible yesterday and will be starting Bible Study Fellowship this September. I'm so excited for this next step in my faith journey with Jesus, combining study and creativity. Thank yo for the inspiration. Had you not blogged about Illustrated Faith last year, I don't think I would have known about it.

Cindy Pierce

I am a newbie to Journling. With so many things to purchase , this would be very helpful in getting supplies for my new adventure. It's very lovely and many thanks for the chance to win.


Loved the Bible journaling from Numbers. I did my own version of it in my Bible. Would love to win the free stamp set. Thank you for your generosity! Have fun in Wisconsin. I am next door in Minnesota.

Jeanie jacobson

This would be awesome to win as I am just starting out and it would be so helpful.

Denise Myles

What a great give away!

Cherie Z

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these sets.

Connie Conway

Please enter me in the to bible journaling and didn't even know these stamps exhisted. How fun!!!

Sharon Murray

What a generous person you are. Thank you for your blog. This stamp set looks awesome. It is really hard to find Christian stamps. These are great. I wound use these in my Bible art journaling and I am in charge of all our crafts/favors for our Women's ministry, so I am sure these would come in handy. Praying you have an awesome trip.

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