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Valerie DiMattina

Just started my bible...would LOVE a set

becky d.

Whenever I see this line posted, the ideas and inspiration start flowing! You were a perfect choice for their design team.

Charity simpson

Love this! I'm new to bible journaling and would love this! Thank you for the opportunity!


Awesome kit, would be so lucky to win one!

Tess Craeford

I would so love to have this kit!

Chasidy Berlin

This kit is amazing! Love the bright colors. Would love to have this set!!


Awesome. I'm new to journaling and this kit looks very inspiring!

Suzy Bubar

I love the inspiration you have been to me! I can't wait for NYC!


Would love to win this kit!!!

Katie Delgado

What an awesome kit! I would love to be able to win this! My daughters and I are loving this new hobby!


I have been drooling over this kit since it debuted! I would probably cry if I won it! LOL!

Andrea Calhoun

This would be AMAZING!!!

Kim Mitchell

Perfect starter kit for me. I am new to illustrating my Bible.


Love illustrated faith!

Celine Ooi

I have been dreaming to own this kit. I will never be able to afford one myself, haha! I am from Malaysia, where 1USD = 3.8MYR, thus the kit plus shipping will cost $380 for me.

Thanks for the chance!! ;) xoxo

Sarita Bastian

WOW..God bless you

Debbie Miller

I just started Bible Art Journaling and would love to wine this kit!!!


I love it!! I am new to Bible journaling and i have a lot to learn.
Kind regards from the Netherlands.


Would live to have this kit. I have just started
Bible journaling

Christal B

I would love this kit. Funds just aren't there right now. Thank you for the chance.

Cindy VanHouten

Pick me, pick me!


Thanks for a chance to win. This would give me a much needed start in my illustrated faith journey. God bless!

maria jay

Beautiful kit

Melissa Turner

Would love to win! Thanks for the chance.


Would love to win a kit!

Kelli kirk

Wow!! Didn't know such things existed...these are AWESOME tools to use in the word. Thanks for sharing

Nancy Nieves

Love the colors, what a blessing is to bless others. Thank you very much for the chance. God bless you. Phillipians 4: 10-20.

Carol Schneider

Thanks! Looks awesome! Would love to win this! God bless!

Heather forrester

I would love to be blessed with one of these kits. I am so very new at this and have been eyeing these kits but with the lack of funds it was a no go.

Patricia Jernigan

Bible Journaling has added a new level of my time in the aword. It's the time of my day I am eager to get to. I love getting inspiration from others like you and your followers. This Genesis Kit would be a welcomed addition to my new Art Worship.

Nicole R.

Awesome!! Would love to use these products in my bible!

Tina Williams

Absolutely awesome!! I'm new at Bible journaling. I was seeking a hobby for a while, nothing seemed to hold my interest. Wow bible journaling not only provided me with more than a hobby, it has provide Quite time with God.. I would love to blessed with this kit..

Pamela Allen

I'm new to bible journaling and winning this kit would be such a blessing.

Gayle Bond

You are a busy lady with your classes. I've just started doing workshops myself. One of these kits would be a great tool to use in my workshops!!

Missy Short

Awesome! My daughters boyfriend just bought her a journaling Bible. She is extremely artistic and passionate about journaling - this Bible is the perfect fit for both. I would love to win this for her so she can get started in her Bible!!


Have my Bible, would love to use the new products


These are awesome! We are stationed in Okinawa, so I'm always searching online for things to use in my bible. These really look great!


I would love to use this kit!

Cynthia Vanlandingham

I'm retired and on a fixed income. I would love to be able to receive a free kit so I can embellish my journaling of God's word.


I would love this kit it's absolutely beautiful and so exciting!!!


I just started bible journaling and would love this! I have been debating on buying but it was a little expensive for me. Thank you for the giveaway and posting it on the Journaling Bible Community!


I have just started Bible journaling this year. It helps me to linger on a thought just a bit longer. I love it! I would love to try out one of these kits.

Rebecca Tyndall

Hi there! What a FABULOUS giveaway!! I would love to win this kit because I'm just getting started on my Bible journaling adventure!! ;)

Debbie B

Love Bible journaling! Would be great to receive a kit!!

Tracie White

Ooh, great website and contest. Thanks.


Would love to w>n. I don't always have m uch time ' this would help with that


What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you! I would love to win!! Be blessed!


This is awesome! I've been looking for motivation to dig more deeply into scripture. I think this kit would really help.

Christine Suomi

Thanks for thinking of us! I'd love to win!


Love it! I can't wait to get started on mine!! :)


Love to have one and start journaling!

Jill D

Thanks for the chance to win!


What a great opportunity. I've just started journaling as a way to work through the grieving process of my father's death. Would love to win!

Dawn Michele Evans-Hall

Just getting started. Would love to win. God Bless!

Susie Ishmael

I would love this! Thank you for offering the giveaway! I am just getting started with bible journaling.

Shelby M

I would love this kit to use in my Bible! :)

Marybeth Hancher

Oh Debby! How generous of you! Thanks for the entry! I love journaling in my ESV bible, and I've been curious about these kits. :)

kim elizabeth

Wow....what an awesome kit! Would love to win

Brandy P.

The kit looks amazing! I would love to win one.

Robyn Dilmore

How fabulous!!! That kit looks amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for offering the giveaway!

Sindy W

Wow!! This is so generous of you! Thank you so much! <3

Alicia Perkins

I would love this kit! :) how generous of you!


Just starting and this kit would be very helpful:-) thanks

Stacey McAnulty

I have been seeing these and would love a set!!!

Danise Godoy

I've been eyeing this baby for weeks! I'd so love this!

Alice Adams

I've never won anything. This would be a blessing to receive. Thanks for doing it.

Marti Murphy

I love working on my Journaling Bible. Right now, I am working through the book of Isaiah. This kit would be a great addition. Maybe I will be one of the fortunate ones. Thank you, Debby, for giving us a chance.

Nancy Garland

Fabulous set!

Jacqueline Scifres

This is an amazing kit they have put together. Thank you for the give away opportunity.

Kat Z

Wow! That is a great design team perk! Thanks for sharing the love!

Karen Schreiber

I just found your blog via Big Picture Classes and the Illustrated Faith class. I can't wait to get a journaling Bible and start this class! It is just what I need. Karen

Felicia Jones

Debbie, this is so kind of you. I follow the entire Illustrated Faith crew on Instagram. I dream and gawk over the work that you ladies do and try to conjure up ways how I can save up enough money to purchase this kit. I'm praying for the people who win, hoping that one of them is me! Thank you for the chance!

Lakindra Buford

I have been wanting to start Journaling for some time now but with nursing school all of the extra money is going towards that...God Bless you for the opportunity. ..


You're SO fun! How generous of you! I didn't order the kit because of the's wonderfully gracious that you're giving them away. What a blessing it will be to someone. :)


Lovely set!

DeAnna Hansen

I ❤️ This! Would ❤️ To win!

Jackie Peffer

I've been following you and Illustrated Faith for awhile. This is definitely a new and exciting way to scrap and share my faith. I would LOVE the free kit!! Thanks for the offer!
Jackie P

Tami Couts

I would love to win! I'm new to journaling! Thank you for the opportunity to when!

Shaunta Wright

Thanks for the giveaway!! This would be a great addition to my bible journaling supplies.

Kristin McCullough

It's so fun to follow your travels: have cast will travel!!!! I'd love to win the Genesis kit as it's definitely not in my price range.

Amy Harvey

I would LOVE to win a set! I am starting a Precept Upon Precept Genesis class in September! I would love to use this set to journal the word of God in my journaling bible as I go through my study!

Shannon Linde

What a kind offering! It sounds like you have a wonderful season of connecting with others in the next few weeks! Thanks for the chance to be blessed with such a neat gift! :)

Connie Roth

This looks like a great kit, I would be happy to make it mine. Faith is a big part of my life and I am glad to see new product coming out that incorporates that into our crafting, journaling side of life.


I have yet to purchase a kit myself, this would be awesome to win!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!


Love this kit! Your blog is wonderful. God bless you, sweet sister!

Sheri Twing

Beautiful kit! I haven't started my journaling Bible yet but this would help make a great start! Thanks for the opportunity to win! ;)

Terri Whitehouse

Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love a kit! Thanks so much! Now off to explore your blog ... It is my first time here ;)


Art educator that just got started into Bible journaling this year...would love a kit to share with my students!!!

Ashley Carson

I have always wanted to get a kit, I have been wanting some letter stickers!

Tammie Howell

Awesome Giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. Someone is going to be very excited to receive them.

Melissa l

Yes please!

Pamela Williams

Such an amazing giveaway!!


Would be so blessed to win this, thank you!


Debby!! Thanks for the generous giveaway!! Would love this to speed me on my journey into the word! 💗💗

Dawn Spurgeon

Wow what a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win one of these wonderful kits. I have been eyeing them since they came out but dont have the funds right now for purchase.

Taylor boase

Thank you so much for your generosity! The products in this kit make it look so easy to just jump into the word of God. It's a very exciting time for us Christian ladies. We have found a niche and are sharing our faith!


Awesome kit! Would love to use it in my Bible! Thanks for the chance!

Sandra van der Slikke

How kind to give us this chance! Would love to win one set!

Rachel Evans-White

This looks amazing.. I am new to Bible journaling and don't know how to get started! xx

Bonnie L.

Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

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