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We're on our way to church on this beautiful Resurrection morning and read your post out loud to Dad. You know we will be praying for you and Becca every "step" of the way!


How lucky for Becca! I know you'll have a great time and everything will work out fine. Looking forward to pictures!


He is risen indeed!
Have a blessed Easter.
Even though you are briefly 'handicapped', I think it will be a true adventure and a blessing for you as you let others give back the love and care that you normally give selflessly to others.
Good deal on the first class upgrade.
Pam - from the Flat Stanley Sisterhood

Gloria L.

Everything Pam just said, and more! Have a safe trip! Wish I were along (I've had lots of practice pushing a wheelchair!).

Deb J

God bless as you make this journey. Have a breath time with Becca and with all the ladies.

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