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Kathy K

You know I'm one of the Costco advocates. I go into the store and adjust the crop on their screen. (I walk in with my SD cards, and do no editing on the computer). That does result in sometimes having to make choices in what is cropped out. I compensate when I take my shots. In the thousands and thousands of pictures I've had printed in the store, I've only had one bad group of 200 and the store promptly reprinted them. I'm looking forward to everyone's experiences.


I use Costco for the location close to me... If I want quality prints I use Mpix is a professional print service called Millers Lab but Mpix is their general site for regular peeps like us. I've ordered 4by 6 prints buy the hundreds, wall mounted items and large size prints with various features. All with great results.

Heather Dambmann

Debbie, please try I Print from Home, a local photo printing lab here in Buffalo. They do have a color editing kit for your computer, many different paper surfaces. They print right here in Buffalo and you can pick up next day, or they will mail. 100% guarantee. I took lessons in photo editing and the teacher highly recommended them. She also taught us to edit and save the photos in the size we wanted to print to avoid cropping.
Check out the website, go visit them and discuss your problems, George and Sara are very helpful. wwwiprintfromhome

Debby Schuh

I wish I had a Costco to go into. I might try Miller's Lab but I wasn't happy with Mpix although I know many people like them. I don't want to take a chance that some are good and some are bad!
Heather, I will check them out for sure! I would love to have someone local! My photos for Costco were uploaded in 4x6 size so that's why there wasn't any crop warning, but they cropped them anyway.

Judy Webb

I feel your pain! At our age, we no longer make the kind of trips you are making and taking hundreds of photos. The ones we do take, I edit in PSE 11. I size them and send on-line to local Wal-Mart. If I were taking hundreds, I'd make friends with employees so they'd take close look as they print. A Comment box is included with order. In PSE you can edit many photos at a time (like lightening a group). Yes, I know, something else to learn, but you are super woman. You could use long trips to learn. So enjoying all your trip photos. One other comment. Investigate shooting RAW. Some say that is only way to go. Hope you are in Texas soon so we can have visit. Judy

Debby Schuh

Judy, my photos are shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom, so that's not the issue. I think it is mainly the calibration of my monitor and the inconsistency of the results with the photo labs. I'll be back in Waxahachie to teach the first weekend in December - you should come down! I'd love to see you there!

Connie heitner

Debby, I have used snapfish and like them but they did crop the pictures. But I didn't do any editing beforehand.

Katie Bartlett

I use a company called postalpix on my phone and have been very pleased. There is a free ap in the ap store. They print multiple sizes. Worth a try!


Deb J

Debby, I used Snapfish for a long time but got frustrated with the cropping. They also didn't do a true 4X6. Since I don't take anywhere near the amount of pictures you do I started printing them at home. Now I don't even do much of that.

Dawn G

Your test of different labs had me trying that myself with a couple and ended using mpix and ended up liking them. My husband works with a guy that does photography and has told me to try bayphoto. Haven't done it yet but may try them next time I order pictures. Some labs do auto color correct on them and you have to check a box for them not too. I don't care for glossy and prefer matte, all of the stores around here(Sam's, Wal-Mart, Walgreens..etc) only do glossy for pickup. Have to order for home deliver to get matte. Here is the link to the bayphoto
will be following this to see. I often wonder myself if my calibration is off.

Debby Schuh

Katie, I'll have to check out Postalpix.
Dawn, I think bayphoto is one of the printers that Smugmug uses. If you have a professional account you can choose the printer. I wonder if it takes as long to get pictures directly from them rather than going through Smugmug.
I ordered pictures from that Heather suggested in one of the first comments and they are already ready for pick up, so I'll do that this afternoon and see how they are.
Thanks for all the input, everyone!


Debby I finally bought a printer and print my pictures myself. I researched it and found one that really does a better job than the stores do. Its an Epson Artisan printer (the number is at home so I can't check right now). It does a beautiful job and I love it! We liked it so much my husband bought one with a larger paper capacity for his business. It's great for printing - but not the 600 count prints. LOL. I sent my Paris pictures to Mpix and they came out awful! I've heard really good things about WHCC but have not tried them. I look forward to another review of printed pictures! I think it's a problem a lot of people are having. You would think someone would get it right!


I use costco and have good results. If you had a costco near you, you could use printer profiles....that pretty much would match what you see. There is a section on their website about how to use it, but I think that's walk in only. I think all the labs depend on who is doing it that day, how clean the equipment is...etc. I have a friend that uses Sams club and her photos are nice. The SAMs by me does terrible dark prints.


Oh how I miss Scrapbook Pictures. They did all sorts of sizes and prints! I run into the trouble of the borders on my prints getting cropped off. When I have a decorative border and try and send it to a print lab or even print at home it gets blown out unless I make adjustments to the print settings. I really want to find a place that will print 3x3 pictures. I've tried making a photo collage of images on a 4x6 size and if there are borders it gets all off. I feel your pain!


snapfish has erratic quality and slow shipping (I would be happy with 10 days but it is often two weeks or more). in addition, their handling costs have increased greatly over the years as well. my big objection is that their sizes are not consistent (4 by 6 is not 4 by 6 and what is 4 by 6 will vary) and sometimes the pictures i receive are not square. I guess I am not as picky about color because I have never had that as an issue, but muddiness (where the colors seem to overlap) is an issue. I have been trying to find an good alternative. it seems like I have had issues with many of the companies that you mentioned. I have been thinking of printing at home, but I hesitate to make the investment.

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