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Lovely! This inspires me to get that sewing machine out and give it a try!


Love the cute picture of you!


I enjoyed seeing the steps of your process. Very inspiring. I'm going to work on some pages this afternoon to catch up.


OOOOOOOOH! I'm seeing a whole new aspect to your albums coming. You're the 2nd person I know who is doing this project and loving it. I just may have to jump in and catch up.

Kathy K

You're going to be ready to take one of the sewing classes at Liberty very soon. I have a mini sew-crafter sewing machine, bought in 2005, and have been inspired by you to open the package! Maybe I'll actually sew with it, but I added in a number of my tip-ins to start, so I really can't for a few more weeks.

Deb J

This turned out wonderful. you did a great job for being new to this. You are so creative.

Debby Schuh

Kathy, I've been sewing practically all my life - I even taught sewing in middle school home ec for two years! I used to even make my own tailored suits with shoulder pads and all. Sewing on paper - that's something sort of new for me! :)


You're a natural - I love your work. And who makes the watercolors - they look yummy!

Lorraine Bell

Okay Debby, we may not be able to let you play with us anymore because you are TOO GOOD! LOL - another amazing page!

Debby Schuh

You are all so sweet - thank you! I'm having so much fun with this! Peggy, I took off and threw away the brand labeling from the paints but they are from Michaels.

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