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Deb J

I used to go to the Flea Markets when I lived in LA. Even sold elaborate macrame hangers at the one in Anaheim. I miss them. Nothing like them. Love the purse. Laughed over the story.


Debby, I have a blue scrapbook like yours! It is all falling apart with high school treasures. I love it!


what treasures!! I definately have that on my bucket list can't wait to finally get to go. Grace

Connie Heitner

Ha! There is a pig like the one in your picture at the Commisary in Germantown, TN! It's a BBQ restaurant back home and I have a picture of it!

 Lois...your Mom

Tomorrow will be a better day! It's raining, blowing and 48 degrees now!!! This weekend's weather is going to be perfect.
I really think you should have bought that would be perfect with your pig that is so corny that it was free at the Bargain Barn!
See you soon!

Renee D

love the purse and the story that goes with it. It looks to be in perfect condition. Can't wait to see you wearing that coat. Safe travels to Florida.

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