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Ugh! Brandon and I will have to plan a trip down to Florida with you sometime! I would love to go! To bad I have school so much! Maybe next spring break.

Deb J

You always seem to have such fun times on your trips. The Paper Nest looks like a nice store. I think I would love the Bargain Barn. You just never know what you will find there and you have found some great things over the years.

Alicia is right. She and Brandon need to go with you some time so she can go to all of those great places with you.

The Paper Nest

thanks debbie !! we loved having you....
just to clarify though.....i made the card on the left with someone elses stamp, the " Artist Avery " card is MY stamp! i just gave you the other because it reminded me sooo much of you....girl traveling, even says Paris on one of the bags.
it was a pleasure having you, and i look forward to having you come gain = )

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