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Debby, it was so great to meet you! Your classes were great and I love everything we made.
Let me know if you ever visit Switzerland! Hopefully we'll see each other at another event like this in the future.
I hope you have an uneventful trip early and that you are able to rest a bit....
Tanya Jaquet (Geneva)

Deb J

What a great group of women you met. I think it is so nice that you were able to go to the home of Marie-Dominique. It's so nice to be able to actually be in the home of someone from the country where you are visiting. Love the pictures and the fact that you had such a good time even though you are exhausted now. safe home.


hi Debby, I was really proud to have such a talented educator as neighbor of workshop. It was a great pleasure to make you discover a little Lyon By Night, I hope the next time we have more time to show some "treasures" of this town.

On Friday morning I was very impressed, I did not dare to come to see you, and finally I was very pleasantly surprised by your kindness and your simplicity.


Debby, I was only able to follow one of your classes, but what a class!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself (still have a smile on my face thinking about it :)) ), finished the gorgeous mini album the following day (that is without the photos, still need to find the perfect pictures). It was great to meet you and I really hope to be able to sign up for another(other) course(s) somewhere in Europe in the coming year.
Nathalie (Switzerland)

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