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Martha Richardson

Sounds like a wonderful time coming up. Love me some BSS and every time I get a chance to come back home that is one of my 1st stops. Of course I think a trip to Paris would be the bomb!


happy to know that you are having some 'slow' days at home...busy with kit packing! very happy to hear that your helper has a part time job! :) Have a great weekend!! xo


ooooh thank you for mentioning me !! I cannot wait too ! it was so easy "working" with you !!!have a nice week end !


Wow - love the photographs - good eye. The Fort Irwin training report was very interesting - thanks for sharing. I will keep your two soldiers in prayers.

Deb J

Glad you are having a "slow" day. Sounds like you are having some interesting and fun things coming up soon. Wish I was going to Paris with you. Ft. Irwin is the best you can get for training before going. Will pray for your soldiers and you.

Judy Webb

What timing!! Paris in the Spring. Loving my Peace Keeper. Have your children in my thoughts and prayers.

Mary M.

Thank you so much for posting the training link. My son leaves for NTC in April. It's so nice to have a better understanding to what he will be doing when he arrives at. Ft. Irwin.

Candice Carpenter

Hey! Mom and i signed up with a friend for one of your Paper Tales classes!! Yay!! Can't wait to see you next month. Have a great trip!

Jenn Langlois

I hope you are ready to eat some Poutine when you come up to visit us in Ottawa! =) I don't think the chip truck is open for the season but I know just where I can take you downtown...

Can't wait for our special time at The Scrapbox!


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