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Stayce DeWid

so stinkin cute!

Donna Sullivan

Hoping I can see you in The Villages at She Scraps for the Peace Keeper! Love this! Great job on all the classes!

elsa christian

hey Debby,
love the recipe keeper, of corse I have my Grandchildren that weekend, so were going to drive up Sat. and pick up the kit!
Funny how you never know which way life will go! I was hoping to do all 3 kits, but I just transfered back to Miami last week. First trip of the year, last flight of the week, I have a passenger who I had to do CPR on, in getting her from seat to floor to galley I think I jacked my back up bad, already had issues, now more. I go in to work tomorrow but who knows if I'll be able to fly. So need to start a budget in case. It was hard to pick between travel book and recipe holder, but that would look cool in my kitchen.
I wish you would think about adding a children's class to the traveling show! Maybe something for girls! (boys) 7 yrs and up. Like a mommy and me thing, fairies, and friends or kids can cook too, type deal I think you'd be surprised the interest there might be in it. I would love to bring grandaughter, would of paid to make 2 recipe holders but now grandson is coming too and 3 would put me back out of budget. She always is trying to scrapbook of course that means I have to stop to help her and it usally finishes me off! I watch over you from my Ipad most of time while I'm on the road. I'll look forward to seeing you on saturday when I get my kit. Your sky blue friend, Elsa
PS... just finished my company EAP debrief, usally we never know what happens but rep. told me lady lived and is okay, so that's a blessing

Cindy Key

Would you please consider doing online classes? I have done several classes with Donna Downey in person but I've done more in online classes. I can't always travel to the classes, for instance you will be teaching a class in Wichita Falls, which is only about a 6 hour drive from my home but I'm scheduled to leave on a trip to Israel just a few days later, so I can't attend.

Your things are SO incredibly adorable, I'd really love to be able to participate in making them. Please consider holding online classes!


Dear Debby,

I'm so happy because I've signed up for your peace keeper class in Version Scrap in Paris this April.

We've already met last year, i was doing Teresa Collins' translations.

I can't wait to see you again and make this cute project with you.

Have a good day!

Becky Perkins

I am no where near any places that you teach at but im wondering if i can get a kit for the peace keeper w/instructions....are they available? Thanks, Becky

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