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happy new year debby!
what will you be teaching at island the weekend after cha?

Debby Schuh

the 3 new classes on the upcoming classes blog. Hope to see you there!! Will you be at CHA too?


Happy New Year Debby; Thank you so much for letting those of us who couldn't make it to any of your classes last year buy the leftover kits...I just purchased Just Be, Pennies from Heaven and Noel Christmas Albums. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just adore your work and want you to know what an inspiration you are to so many of us! God has blessed you with such a talent and it's nice to see that you are so thankful and grateful for it, as well! It makes you that much more of a beautiful person. I think sometimes we forget to thank Him for what we do have! So, I thank God for giving us such a wonderful friend who is so talented in an industry that we love so much! And for allowing us to live in a country that we can choose to do what we love to do such as scrapbooking. Thank you, again, Debby

Debby Schuh

Thank you, Stacy! Your words mean so much!!! Thank you for the encouragement! I hope I'll see you in St. Pete!

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