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I love what you found!!! I remember smoking on an airplane back in the day!! I'll be at Donna's event too, my second year, and very excited you'll be there Deb.

Deb J

What neat ephemera. I remember some of that stuff. Just went out to your store and ordered a box of goodies. I like mystery boxes when I know the person putting it together. Can't wait to see what's in there. Fun. I will have to check out Donna's event.

Martha Richardson

It's always good when you find your own saved Ephemera!!! Love the previews of what's to come...just finished my 7Gypsies library drawer...looks like the mini will be next!

Donna Sullivan

Love that vintage ephemera! I woul hold onto it for history's sake! Awesome you still have it! My only memory of being in the World Trade Center was brushing my long hair in the mirror, not seeing the sign clearly stated on the wall " No brushing hair over sinks". Oh yes, it was quickly pointed out to me by someone in the bathroom. I felt so dumb for not observing. But in my defense, I wad chaperoning a group of ten year Boy Scouts as there leader. That time in the bathroom was a well needed break to regroup!

elena Lai Etcheverry

very inspiring! what fun!


love that little library drawer...thanks for the sneak peek!

Ally White

I love the tags being stored in the library drawer!! Cute :)


Oh my gosh! I am so glad a ventured onto your blog and saw the library drawer. I have been simplifying and have boxes and boxes of "stuff" in my garage to go to auction. I have an old drawer. I think it might be from a sewing machine that I was going to put in the auction. After seeing your drawer, I dug through my boxes before they were picked up and saved it for putting my creations in. THANKS for your inspiration.


Hi Debby-I am thrilled with my STUFFED goodie box that arrived today. Oh my word I couldn't believe how much you got into one medium sized box. I had never seen that Chatterbox artsy.licious line and just fell in love with it and would definitely have bought it for myself. There was way more value in it than I had expected and then I was so pleased to have items that were chosen from your collection. I hope to be able to take more of your classes one of these days. All the best and God bless you in all you do.

Norma Avchin

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