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lisa fairbanks

i think you will be fine!! Merry Ho Ho!!!

Shelly Berg

I can't wait to see you in Feb back at the Island! I like it all and I love love love Claudine's stamps!

Elise Smith-Dewey

I didn't know Claudine had come out with foam stamps---those look awesome---actually anything with a dress form on it is attractive to me! I need to thank you for being a major enabler. I hadn't read your blog for a while and then I read it the day you received your box from 7gypsies with the Junk Drawer Advent Calendar Kit in it. I went to their website and of course all the kits were long sold out and shipped but they were doing tutorials of certain tags and then after they taught their class in AZ they put some kits together and I was a lucky, lucky girl to get one and have been working on it this past weekend and am almost done---another hour or so and it should be all completed and I am just so excited to have actually completed something. So, thank you, thank you for mentioning this kit---it has really rejuvenated me and my gosh I might actually scrapbook the scrapbook store of supplies I have in my studio. I would love it if you would come to Minnesota but we are losing Scrapbook left and right and in the Twin Cities other than Archivers in the southern metro there is only Scrapbooks, Too in Bloomington---not a huge store but they are carrying Tim's stuff and have a good person on staff to teach using his products so they will be able to keep it going. I would love it if you would come there and teach---I will mention it to Sue the owner to see if she will ask you....Did you get the 7gypsies cute little houses, too? I just got those and will put them together after the calendar. I'll bet you have been too busy traveling and getting your house back in order to get your Junk Drawer Advent Calendar put together---so cool if you get a chance to do it---I'm also the one who e-mailed about your Anthropologie Travel scrapbook and I ordered the kit from the store in Florida, whose name escapes me--Pictures in Time--I think that is it--sorry for the long, long comments---hope to see you in 2011---good luck with your creating---you are awesome! Love, Elise in MN

Debby Schuh

No, I missed out on the little houses. I love that Deb and Paula are making kits for so many of their creations! I haven't had a chance to work on my advent calendar and probably won't anytime soon. I'm so glad I got it though... maybe I can work on it throughout the year and have it ready for next Christmas.
I'd love to come to Minnesota... maybe I'll see you there!

Judy Webb

I know anything you design will be great!! When are you posting your 2011 calender? I'm ready, either or both, Scrapbook n Such or Sweet Memories. Only 900 miles apart. LOL

Deb J

I'm really enjoying your daily blogs. They are so much fun. I am really looking forward to seeing what you will be making for 2011. I'm also praying you will have a class in the Phoenix area and I will be able to go.

Gloria L.

I have confidence in you, just BELIEVE! Your house looks great, the cat is happy, the kids are coming for a visit, all is good. As far as projects are concerned, that sticky back canvas looks promising!


Oh, you will come up with more wonderful, inspiring and gorgeous always. I love those foam stamps by Claudine and the dress form stamp and whatever is in those 7 Gypsies packages!! Can't wait to see what you invent! Have a merry merry Christmas and thank you for the inspiration all year long...


You asked if we saw anything we liked? Um all of it! I love Claudine's dress form stamp!!


Can you do something with that piece of paper that's the outside of a house on one side and rooms on the other side. I bought it because I have a life long love of dollhouses but I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it :) I'm also intrigued by the corner of what appears to be a stamp set - it says "Dress Up". Do something with that too!

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