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It looks beautiful! I can imagine you sitting there with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying the quiet! I think I have more than one of those 'piles' of stuff in an cup or pitcher! :)

lois krull, your mom

What is the pink thing? Wish I had a pitcher like that! I never foresaw wanting something like this year's later...I always thought I would have elementary- age children! Other people had older children. Is that immature and weird? You turned out OK in spite of it! Love you...

Debby Schuh

The pink thing is a button. I put everything in a baggie but I think I'll put it back in the pitcher to rediscover someday. I think I turned out ok!?
You should see my dining room table stacked with just about every glass and pottery dish, place, vase, teapot, container. Now what do I do with it all? I wish you were here to help me arrange it!

Amy K

Having just moved, I found a number of these random collections of "boy stuff". And of course I kept them pretty much the way they were and put them in a box or bag to be moved again someday. If you got floaty pens in London or Paris you could hang those on the tree this year...

Judy Webb

Your tree is gorgeous. Now looking forward to seeing the back splash with the beautiful platters. We will be in GA for Christmas and making a visit to Sweet Memories. Hope yor are coming to Wichita Falls in Mar. Judy

Debby Schuh

Amy, I didn't get any new floaty pens from London or Paris this year because I already had them from previous trips but I like that idea!
Judy, I'll be back March 4th and 5th. See you there! Say hi to everyone at Sweet Memories for me!

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