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WOW!!!! What wonderful photos!!! That shop looks like something you would decorate if you had a shop! I love the water colors!! Be sure to give your Mom and Dad my love and hello!! Sending you a wish for sand between your toes and shells in your pocket! xo

Gloria L.

Enjoy every minute!

Judy Webb

Lest' see: South Africa, new kitchen and Florida!! You'll have to add larger book rings to your Pennies From Heaven album. What a great 2010!!


Love having you at "the Doodle". :) I like the S&S comment. Sun and shopping my favorite things! S&S&S Sun, Shopping and Scrapbooking. haha

Dianne Jenkins

Sorry I missed your classes - had to actually work!! When I saw Jill's Tiny Tales book, I asked if I could buy a kit and she said they were all sold out!! You rock!!


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