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Thanks for sharing your many travel adventures and experiences.

Deb J

Thanks for all of the pictures. It is so nice to see what a place looks like through the lens of people you "know." Much better than what you see in books about a country. Looks like you had a great time.

Gloria L.

Were you with a tour group?

Debby Schuh

Gloria, no, just the other teachers.


WOW! Great pictures of that area! It does look like it would be too much to take in at one time! I know you keep good journal notes, so you can reprocess it later on. Thanks for sharing! xo

Judy Webb

Hasn't digital cameras changed photography! Your photos are great and we are enjoying you enjoying your trip. I do not believe your Pennies from Heaven book will hold these. LOL I have had to add new rings from mine. We are so Blessed.

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