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Gloria L.

This is so exciting! Thanks for sharing! Have fun for me, too!


you know you aren't in Kansas anymore when the thing that is advertised is chicken livers and cappuccino...hmmm...maybe Starbucks could branch out into cultural specialties!
Looks like you are having a great time, like you always do on your travels!! :) xo

lois krull, your mom

Happy to see your luggage arrived, too. Looks exciting. Interesting that you chose french fries and a sandwich...where's your 'adventurous spirit? (Jeremy might try the other 'specialties'!!!)


Have a great time! They will love your classes!


Hi Debbie!! thanks for the amazing class - I LOVE my little project!! Can't wait to fill it with cute pictures ;-).
PS: Enjoy Cape Town


Hi Debbie - thanks for a wonderful class, I loved doing the mini book and will definitely be doing more just like it! Enjoy the rest of your visit and come back soon, Melanie

Jennifer Rogers

Thank You again for the wonderful, inspirational class,and especially for the extra trouble you went to in packing & transporting the Anthropologie class kit all the way to Africa! Hope you are enjoying Kichaka, safe travels on to Cape Town. As dicussed I will email you to request the instructions when you are safely home. Hambagahle.


Hi Debbie, Just want to say thank you so much for a fantastic class in Jhb. I also traveled far (but not as far as you), from Malawi to be at the convention and believe me, it was worth every mile and penny. Have a great week and enjoy Cape Town - it is beautiful.

Isabel Rosch

Hi Debbie, thanx so much for coming all the way to South Africa, your class project ended the last day with a big hit, all of us enjoyed the mini album, I truly was very excited & inspired by you! Thanx to October afternoon as well for giving us all those beautiful paper to create our album with, I love it!!
Have a safe journey and hope you will return to us again soon here in Cape Town! Luv ya lots!

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