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Hey! I like the dark one...looks very rich! Love the many family members in one place! I will be praying for you and Dave as you travel! Lots of time together and time doing separate things, too! LOVE the dress up pic of you two!!! You look wonderful and very classy!!!
Love you! xo

Debby Schuh

One thing to remember is that the counter is white marble with gray veining in it.


DARK!! You'll need the contrast with the white and white marble. What are you putting up for the backsplash?

Debby Schuh

I'm going to just leave the backsplash painted for now because I want to hang my collection of platters along the back. We'll see... I figured that I can always add it later.


I would definitely go with the darker floor. You know I like to have people help me make a choice between 2 things... But then when they choose one, I always think "but I like the other" and go with it. Guess I'm just weird that way.


I like the dark wood too...and the cake is adorable...and that invitation looks so 50ish retro. So charming.

Going to Anna Maria Island next week, will think of you there!

Pam and Flat Stanley Girlies

Debby Schuh

Pam, have fun!! I'll be there in the middle of October. I'm wondering if the Cafe on the Beach is still there... I heard that they lost their lease. It wouldn't be the same without it!

Alice Christopher

I would go with the dark, looks so rich and a good contrast to the white.

judy in huntsville [al]

Okay - I like the dark wood floor -
LOVE [[LOVE]] the photo of the bride / groom dancing and the two moms looking on - priceless!
It looks like you made those cute wedding programs - did you? DARLING!!
[Andyou and hubby look pretty spiffy all dressed up!]
Now, I'm off to check out the classes in LA - ROAD TRIP anyone?

judy in huntsville [al]

Oh - and have WONDERFUL time in SA!!

Deb J

I say go with the dark. You need some contrast with the white. Plus it won't show dirt quite as bad. You are going to love that kitchen.

So neat to see all the pictures. Love when you do this. You and Dave look great all dressed up. The wedding program is gorgeous. Great pictures.

Enjoy SA.

Kay G.

I like the dark(which is strange for me because I usually like lighter wood). I hope you have a great trip. The wedding program is so precious. Great picture of you and Dave.

Jackie Bremer

Definitely the dark.


go with the looks really great in there..I for one wouldn't start might mess things up!

Cheryl Rodda

You need contrast in your kitchen... and since you are doing white cabinets and a lighter color counter top you need a color to anchor the room with... that would be your dark floor... (my dad was an architect and I went to interior design school for a little bit and an habitual HGTV watcher)

Think of it as a scrapbook layout... there really is no difference... would you do an all white and gray layout with out some color to anchor it??

Have fun picking...


Can't wait to cook you guys a Christmas-time dinner in the new kitchen when Brandon and I come home!!

Judy Webb

I know you are busy, busy. Just heard Bing Crosby singing Pennies From Heaven. Wanted to wish you well on your trip. My husband and I wish we were going. Can't speak to your floor. You do not need any help picking one out. Oh, we can see the famous sink as well. Looking forward to your safari photos when you get back. Have FUN.

Debby Schuh

Thank you for all the input! I had actually decided on the light floor, but you all have made me reconsider and have ordered the darker. I hope you're right!! :)
Alicia, I'm counting on that meal! Can't wait to have you break in our kitchen for us!

Dawn Morgan

I'd definitely go with the dark. You really do need some contrast with the white cabinetry and appliances and the yellow walls. Your kitchen is looking beautiful already!


Go with the darker wood to "anchor" the room.

Lori Proctor

I love the dark flooring I think that it will look really good in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Have a great time in South Africa!!

Mary Mitchell

I like the darker wood.........the light wood looks washed out next to the white cabinets.

Ami Alvarez

I really like the lighter floor. The dark will show more "stuff". I have lighter wood floors and LOVE them.


i'm all about contrast, so i vote for the dark!
have fun!


I like light! Is it ceramic tile or wood?

Renee S.

Loving the dark wood. Funny, because I tend to choose lighter colors, but the contrast of the cabinets with the darker floors is striking. Enjoy your new kitchen.


Your kitchen reno is looking fantastic! I like the darker floor with the light cabinets.

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