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Hello Debby:
I always think of my sisters when you write of your sons. They also each have two sons and you all express the same feelings. A Mother's love for her son is very special and I hear it in your writing. May they always be safe and may they always come home to you. Enjoy your special time with them!

Vicki Chrisman

I totally get what you are saying.. they grow up so fast. Handsome guys! Great getting to have dinner with you girls. I just felt so bad that we were so late. Thanks for the laughs!

Donna O

I had so much fun in your classes on Saturday. You are so inspirational to all of us and I really enjoy taking your classes. Hope you had a smooth trip back. And oh, what was waiting for you was just the best. I'll look forward to you coming back next year but I'll also keep my eye out in case you get near Chicago. Thanks again for some really great classes. I've been showing my projects to everyone I saw over the weekend and they can't believe I made them. Can't wait to get the tags to add to them. Donna O

Deb J

It is so great that you came home to find your sons there. What a blessing. Glad you liked CHA and Creative Cuts and Crafts.


There is nothing better than having all the birds in the 'nest'!!! Enjoy your time!!! xo

Gloria L.

Those "Creative Cuts" photos are just too cute! I can especially identify with the lady with her hands on her face! Been there! Have fun with your sons, I know that's your favorite time. See you in Carrollton!


hi debby,
your sons are so handsome! enjoy.
stalker #2
aka erin:)

Judy Webb

Only 3 more weeks and we'll party in GA. Looking forward to your new albums. Enjoy your guys.

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