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Smellykat / Cecile

oh great summary ! I'll go and have a look at the photo album ! That was such a great human experience for me and I'll think seriously about going back or not (and be YOUR translator and no one else's !!! *wink*). xoxo

Angela C

Debby all your travel photos look amazing! What a wonderful life you lead! It's so fun to see the photos and feel like we're all with you. I dream of visiting Europe. :)

Caroline LOUVET

Hello Debby
i'm so suprised when someone told me "you are on debby's website"
so i came to check and its true
2nd picture of the students (1st row, the one in the middle)
thanks to you
for this amazing class that you gave us !!!!
i hope to see you next year !!

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French people are not just beautiful people. They're also charming and sweet. :)

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It's a French word that translates to "here" in English. It's usually used as a slang term to say "ta da" sort of expression if you know what I mean by that. Also usually pronounced wrong by Americans for some reason, they like to say it like "wala."

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