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What do I believe?

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Scrappin Cheryl

LOVE that 7Gypsies Photo Stand, so making a project that would use this and have a great mini displayed on this with my favorite photos would be awesome! Because it would be displayed, the cover could be dimensional which I love!


I like Dear Lizzie and Pink Paislee!!! Now can I win something, even if I don't scrapbook?!!!??? I'M YOUR MOTHER!!!


Did a "lois"...I mean Cosmo Cricket-not Dear Lizzie! I guess I'm disqualified now! Your Mom

Becky Thackston

I would love to make an album of memories....
something that I could document in along with pictures of past memories...of loved ones...of things you remember as a child, etc.

the 7Gypsies would be perfect because for me...or even the Jenni Bowlin ...I would love it to be old...distressed looking...something that would look worn with love.

Heather Nay

I love the Photo unique and it could go in any room of the house! You could do a couple of things...a page for each member of the family, each day of the week, month of the year, season...possibilities are endless! I'm sure no matter what, the one you pick will be fabulous!


I guess because I am finally working on my wedding album, the Pink Paislee looks a lot like what I am using on my wedding album. I love how you use really neat pockets and your creative stapling how about a wedding album? Or an engagement album? I saw the travel album you taught in San Antonio and those kinds of pockets would be perfect for wedding kind of "stuff".

marsha phillips

i like the pink paislee and i am not your mom, hahaha... although i do like the stand from 7 gypsies too.


My choice would be 7 gypsies first, Jennie B. 2nd. I really like the photo stand with a hanging mini them...possible themes: Life (with many variations such as for me- renewal, retirement, another stage- such as just getting married, having a baby, graduating from college, etc.) or possibly, "changes" which could be many things- changes in looks; jobs; family; economics, etc....I'm really loving working with fabric too so love to see that incorporated...just some ideas.


Donna Sullivan

So funny, before I even looked I was thinking Ocotber Afternoon and 7 Gypsies! (not together of course)I know I would love to have a custom/portfolio book! I learned an awesome technique with the fabric paper a few days ago. Strip the backing and adhesive from the fabric paper. (strips of fabric don't work the same, the leftover residue gives the one inch strips added body. Twist one end of a (stripped) 1" x 12" strip of fabric, attach the twisted end on top of a flower stem (on paper, stamped, or paper pieced) with a glue dot, keep twisting the paper as you start a spiral flat on the paper, continue twisting and wrapping the strip on paper (use extra glue dots to keep flower from untwisting as you work), spiral from center outward, and apretty center and voila! A beautiful flower form the Dear Lizzie line!

Darlene Kearns

I am a huge fan of Jenni Bowlin and the 7gypsies stand. I think a Year of Holidays flip album that can be changed each year/ Vacation Flip Album or even School Years-can't wait to see what you come up with!


I was going to suggest Oct Afternoon and there it was!

Deb J

I like the Pink Paisley elements I saw in that picture. I also like anything 7 Gypsies. As long as it's something you come up with and it's got some techniques you learned from Tim Holtz I will like it. I really do like your homemade albums.

joanne sharpe

Something with a little are so good at treasures! What about some funky goodness from Tinsel Trading kind of stuff? You are fabulous, i can't wait to learn more from you! huggs!


I am thinking using the photostand as a cookbook/recipe stand. Any of the papers would be nice, maybe more so the jenny b stuff. Just a thought!!

Lesley Scamacca

Hi Debby! I love the photo stand- that might be really cool to display pictures of my kid's artwork. I have taken to photographing each piece they come home with, since I can't possibly keep all their art! I also love your Encyclopedia albums- I can't remember what volume I have up to.

Hope all is well!


Oh my the scrappy goodness. I would NEVER be able to decide...
that's my biggest flaw; indecisiveness.

I understand your dilemma because those are pretty much ALL my favorite scrapbook companies! I'm a "single lady" and most of my pictures are travel and hanging out with friends and I think those are subjects often neglected and instead are dominated by holidays/birthdays/etc. Would love to have some more generic projects. Thanks for asking!

Joey Feltz

How about something that could be used as an address book with a picture next to it?...or I love your Mom's guest wheel, rolodex thing...that would be fun. I know you will think of something creative and interesting...that's YOU! Glad you have some ideas to pick and choose from!

Denise Coulter

How about a class about Life's lesson you've learned and where they took you in life. What learned from them, even if you didn't see it at the time?

Kay G.

I love the Pink Paislee and Dear Lizzie. I love 7 gypsies and the Paris Book sounds good to me. Debby, whatever you come up with will be great. Good Luck!


I need a pretty Christmas album, missed out on the canvas one last year.
If you build it, they will come!

Pam FS girlie

Jill Crossfield

Debbie- you are the type who "feels" your project before you ever put it together. I would love to see you put together a personal inspiration journal. Not one of just favorite quotes, but memories, of life's events that have caused you to take a turn in your life's path with the resulting memory still in clear focus. A progressive journal of thought provoking, touchable, moments, (your pennies are prime), but a certain flower, a certain book, a painting, a song, a quote, all wrapped up in an eclectic mix of your favorite parts of the companies above. My life has never had a theme, but is a sweet mixture of moods, events, and serendipity. Whatever you decide, I'm sure anyone taking your class will love it as they do everything else;


Hi - I am with the single lady above in terms of topics- I like things that I can use for travel, time with friends, various ´adult¨ things - which is generally why I like your art so much. I vote for the photo stand, but I really like it when things are really mixed up - a little 7 gypsies, a little Jenni B, a little Pink Paisly - if it is all from one line it looks too cookie cutter so I the variety. Thanks for a chance to win!! Also for a peek at your development process....have a great weekend everybody!


I think a travel type album is always perfect. Even if someone didn't travel, they could show their fav places to travel around their hometown.

The October Afternoon Thrift shop mixed with some of the Jenni Bowlin goodies would be fabulous!


i am currently really into little specialty albums - about 5 by 7 or so. i am "tired' of the 12 by 12 layouts right now. i also just bought the photo album stand and the 7 gypsies antique covers. i like thee idea of a more introspective album. something like what am i all about right now? what is important to me? what do i want to do next? maybe i am thinking this way because i am on the cusp of change, but the antigue look with the more muted shades of color.

katie squires

A book to house a journey to a weight loss, or achieving something...with little take out parts that you can carry in your purse with you to journal and then add back into the book :)

Tammy Perkins

The photo stand sounds awesome - love 7 gypsies and Jenni Bowlin - love anything with vintage appeal!


I've taken several of your classes at various CKU's and I know that whatever project you come up with will be amazing. I love the 7 Gypsies product and the Jenni B--especially the butterflies!


Hi Debby. I've taken at least 4 classes with you with LOVE them all. I've actually used all your albums which is nice. I would love for you to make an album for the men in my life or Summertime fun. Whatever you decide I know will be fantastic. Hope to take some classes with you soon.



Love all the is always a good thing. Like the idea of random photos, especially if they can use different lines of PP...mix it up. I know I have trouble with that. Small books are more my favorite than photo stands. I think I'd take anything you teach!


Our Year In Review -- an album with each month of the year on 1 or 2 pages. I love Pink Paislee, 7 Gypsies, and my very favorite is Webster's Pages. Maybe you could use that next year. I love the soft, worn, vintage feel of their line. Oh, Crafty Secrets too. I know you will come up with something great!


How about teaching some of your online classes that were a part of CKU, where Lisa Bearnson also taught online classes, and incorporate the October Afternoon or 7Gypsies products within the book itself?

Denise T

I love all these product lines but think October Afternoon or 7 Gypsies would be my top choices. My idea that is generic enough to cover a diverse group of scrapbookers would be a "Bucket List" album.


"He said, She said" album

Lucky #5, 8 or 7 album

Perpetual Book (to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, etc) using October Afternoon.

A class using the new 7Gypsies Printers Tray Letterblock with a travel theme using 7gypsies products.

Laurie Jimenez

I'm loving the Pink Paislee new Canvas binders, Artisan Elements, Sticky Back Canvas, and the Thrift shop line from October Afternoon..... I could see you using all kinds of 7 Gypsies embellishments, including the door knobs. I say use the thrift shop line... because we all find that special find in our lives... that cool thing we are all looking for! Would also be cool to use some Gesso, and alcohol inks.... fun, fun I can see it!


Wow, lots of good ideas already for you to choose from. I was thinking either a wedding album to help those brides get organized with the things that they want to save from their special day.
I also thought, maybe a mixed up album would be cool, it would start from the past, add a little present stuff in there and then some pages to add things from the future in them.
There's always baby albums, grandparents books, i love the idea of a book using the mini suitcases.
I know whatever you choose Debby it will be great and well received by everyone. Have fun experimenting with all your goodies you have before you.

Louise Dubord

I would go with the 7 Gypsies photo stand.
Also those Cosmo Cricket papers are awfully cute!

Cassaundra Lala

Instead of a traditional album, how about an organizer? With pockets for coupons and bills, calendar pages, to-do lists, note cards, etc. Then you can add pictures of whatever you see fit. I think this would appease the moms and the single ladies out there.

Or I like the year in review album posted earlier. I think this would work for all scrappers as well. As scrappers we have photos/momentos for each month. I need an easy way to bring this together into one quick to create, easy, meaningiful album.


Definitely use the white elements from Pink Paisley. LOVE THEM!! And they look very much like something you would use.
I'm also liking something with the photo stand. It's decorative and useful. It would be perfect in a sitting room or guest room- something for them to look at when their relaxing.
I'm sure whatever you decide will be absolutely wonderful. Wish you were teaching somewhere in Iowa.

Cheryl Rodda

WOW..... thats alot to choose form...
I would say pink paisly, with 7 gypsys... a nice vintage feel... that would be so YUMMY!! You could use the book for that point...and it looks like there is a fabric book??? Won't that be fun to play around with...
You have always come up with great ideas in the past... I am sure you will again...GOOD LUCK!

Angie Hale

I love the idea of an organizer... very cute but functional. Other choices would be documenting a year-in-a-life or a big transition (lossing weight, retiring, etc.)
Debby, I'm positive whatever you do I'll love it.... and hope you come back to San Antonio.

Annette Abrahamson

the 7 gypsies and jenni bowlin products....yummy!!! i'm thinkin' an inter-active summer journal...places to keep all the tickets, reciepts and momento's. places to keep photo's. places to tuck away journaling, thoughts and dreams about life, the sunshine and freedom of summer trips and days off :)


Ask the cat for help!

Shannon R.

I think you should use the photo stand. I love 7gypsies. I think favorite photos on the photo stand would be a great project. Of course, your travel albums are great too and they are always useful. So, option 2 would be the travel album using 7 gypsies. Yes, I'm obsessed. I see you're back at Whim So Doodle for my birthday in October. I'm sure whatever project you decide on will be great and I'll be looking forward to it as a great birthday treat!

Janet Ang

Debby, I still like the bucket list idea with using a real bucket or a paint can! You can incorporate any other products into the album itself or a countdown of items to put into the bucket/paint can.

Karey-Ann Kelley

photo stand for sure....too cute and it can be out on a desk all the, school whatever...

Heather Dambmann

I would defintely go with the photo stand. You could make it a monthly one, and then at the end of the year those 12 could be entered into an album, and then you could start another theme for the next year. I like the idea of the stand, it is something different and attractive and would fit in with most decor.

Judy Webb

Mostly (except the Pennies from Heaven album), I make mini-albums for gifts. I've made several "travel" albums and many "female and little girl" albums, but few albums for guys. You have two sons, don't you need a male oriented album to drop graduation or summer vacation in? I'd like an album on hand so when either of my grandsons come this summer, we can take fun photos, print and drop them in an album. They want the album/memoris but aren't interested in making. A male type album fills your criteria, that is if you would love to teach it over and over.
Planning on making your Aug 21 classes in Carrollton, GA. Will like the classes no matter what you design. Happy Spring.


In terms of project suggestions, how about a 12X12 magnetized refrigerator calendar. I can think of at least two ways to go with it. One, a month per page and two, movable numbered pieces for the days of the month. Of course, the whole thing would be layered and embellished the way only you can do it! The one I made also includes a fabric quilting block which could combine pretty compatibly with JBS merchandise. Best Wishes.


Debbie, I love your work because it's meaningful. Pets...a subject I haven't seen mentioned. I'm single and have 2 dogs who are my inspiration. "One day it so happened..." Daily life needs to be remembered. Those cute and funny stories. My students read my t shirt: "Scrapbooking keeps Mary's alive" Who's Mary? (Scrapbooking keeps memories alive).

People...who inspires you? Mom, Dad, teacher, bff, widower next door, cancer patient with a smile, student who says "can i give you a hug?"

I have boys in my family. I like the idea of guy stuff.

favs--October Afternoon, Jenni Bowlin, Cosmo Cricket, pockets, fold outs, envelopes and miniatures

God bless you!


7 GYPSIES would be my first choice, love vintage, repurposed sTufF and, of course, one can never go wrong with OcTObeR AftERnOon stuff:) - 7 GYPSIES it is - really could be a great anytime album. Good Luck!

Lia Biscoe

What a creative dilemna! You've done so many cool projects in the past, I can understand the difficulty in keeping it exciting and new. I agree with several earlier posters - 7Gypsies is my #1 but I'd mix in bits and pieces from all of the other companies since they are all very popular and loved.
Love that your Mom and Dave commented. The cat just might have the answer.


My favorite Debby project is the Anthropologie album! I love taking something and re-purposing it into something cool LOVE the 7gypsies, it goes well with the Jenni Bowlin since they both have the old/antique look. You can even throw in some October after journaling cards. I also like those lines because they are gender neutral and not so girly. Not crazy about the photo stand, since that drives the class price up. I don't envy you, but always love what results from your creative process, Debby!


Hello, one more suggestion then I will leave you in peace! Everyone seems to like the stand so how about compiling a "pruning/growing guide", either generic or for a specific property. The photos could be the actual plants or vintage litho's. I gave one as a gift and used the 7gypsies top ten booklet as the base. Each page has a different plant/style so I could use multiple paper lines. And, if you really wanted to hang it, you could!

denise kerut

not sure why my post did not post??? I am trying again... love your work debby!
my favs are dear lizzzy and oct afternoon fly a kite. I also like paris! My fav themes are:
boys,Bible verses, grateful heart, blessings.
I would love to make 12x12 pages with you!


Hello!! I love the October Afternoon lines .... How about using the photo stand and making it an address book? FUN


Would love something for the photo stand. Like the Pink Paislee. And your Mom is so funny.


I like the travel theme and figure even if I don't have any vacation pics is a journey so you don't have to "travel to travel" KWIM? I also like the idea of a year in reveiw. LOVE LOVE LOVE OA!!!! Also, while I am definately not your mom, I make FABULOUS cookies!! Looking forward to whatever you make. See you at Whim So Doodle in St. Pete.


Come to France and teache me how to use some different styles in a same layout
please !!!


wow, so many stuff, can't imagine you have no ideas with all that ;-)
My idea for you : a mini travel book with some 7gypsies and OA stickers
I have lots of photos from last summer to scrap

Mary Mitchell

I would love to see an album that could be used to document "Incredible People". Now I'm not talking about those people that influenced your life....I've done a lot of those. This would be an album that would hold pics and info of people you've encountered during travel and your daily life. Maybe it's a street performer in Paris....or a Native American Indian hand weaving a rug. How about a wounded soldier that completes his first 3 K walk with a prosthesis. It could be as simple as the little boy down the street who decides to be a small business owner and put up a lemonade stand in hopes of generating some income for that new Wii game he wants.

There are incredible people all over your town, county, state, nation and world. You don't have to personally know them........just be in awe of what they are accomplishing.

The nice thing about this project is that you could use any paper product that excites you. If you don't want to do an album.....then how about the 7 gypsies photo stand. Photo on one about that person on the other side.

I think this would make a fabulous project that would be repeated over and over again.

Rosemary Palmer

I would take anything as this will be used for door prizes and raffle items for the ScrapBlue-Crop for a Cure Crop in August for Prostate Cancer. My husband is a survivor. I raised $1600 last year, and hope for much more this year.


Linda O'connor

Oh many great ideas and comments. Like others, luv most everything you do. Would like to see something that 1...can be displayed on table or shelf...not necessarily an album. 2...can be updated, changed or added to over time, not static and 3...reflects a purpose. Perhaps..."I'd like to thank..." or "Blessings I have..."or "What I've contributed"
Product line doesn't matter as long as it is cohesive, gender neutral and has wide appeal instead of being 'cutesy'

Debbie Ivester

I like the photo stand idea but the 7 gypsies 4x6 photo tray or the ATC tray would be great to decorate with 7 gypsies products or Jenni Bowlin, or October Afternoon. I also like the organizer folder/book idea -

Dianne T

How about using the October afternoon, maybe with the photo stand, and doing something with Where I live, where I love, something to document your town, school, church, activities??? Can't wait, hope you'll be here soon!

Debby Schuh

Comments are closed for the giveaway but you can still leave class suggestions. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I've loved reading them and have a wonderful list to pull from! Stay tuned!!

elsa  christian

Ok debbie, I know I'm late in the evening, but the photo stand would make a cool calendar/ reciepe holder, it one of those things that could sit in the kitchen, or on the window sile sp? and not really be in the way, there are so many neat products out for the different holidays we'd all love close, but hate to have them just laying around as we might reck them. I know i would like it, and I'm sure others would to some vintage pages with pockets were we could tucket mom favorites in or a reciepe from a friend and still no the date, I think jeni has those little calendar cards!


The 7 Gypsies photo stand is such a great idea. I live in NJ and have taken classes in many local scrap book stores (there are not many left). I also take classes in Maryland, PA, NY and VA and have so many of the other projects you have mentioned (including 4 house books). The 7 gypsies photo stand has not been done and would certainly make for a fresh approach. It has a great purpose and is not just another book (don't get me wrong - i adore books) but this will add variety to our collection and it makes a great display. Please come to the NJ area and teach the photo stand class...and sign me up!

Gloria L.

Probably not in time, cause I'm just back from Inspired! I really like the little Pink Paislee album and their stuff is wonderful. Jenni Bowlin anything is great but asks for "tiny". 7Gypsies works (the stand doesn't do anything for me and makes the class expensive). Love the mixed albums, too. Tired of travel albums, like generic titles like "Life is like that sometimes"! Just go for it. You are wonderful.


Hi Debby! How about a "beautiful autumn" themed mini book? It could be used for travel, or to document family events in the fall, or just to document where a person is emotionally, spriritually at that time. I'm always loving 7 Gypsies and Jenni Bowlin and have fallen in love with October Afternoon since your Once Upon a Time album class at CKU. As far as techniques go, I love to learn how to stretch products and use them for "unintended" purposes. Kinda vague, huh? I know I am too late for the giveaway but just wanted to say hi!


One of the most treasured albums I've ever done was an album all about me. It was a album class at CKU by Danelle Johnson. Can you do a class along these lines? It seems that us scrapbookers always scrap others but forget to include ourselves. Maybe an album with pages asking questions that need to be answered???? I wish I could come to one of you classes but there are no scrapbook stores near me. I love your work. Thank you! - Sunny

Karina Westfall

Here is an idea for you, what about a mini album dedicated to Summer. Can be a summer vacation, summer camp, or summer BBQ. You can use seven gypsies charms, photo holders, pink paisley scrap paper. A technique that I would like to see is embossing flowers or chipboard.

Kota Venter

How about an album about my honeymoon? I need inspiration as most photos are from only one of us and alot of vacation type photos (scenery) and memolibilia, I still want to capture the new love and excitement of being on our fisrt vacation on our own as a married couple without being too cutesy. I am really stuck!
Thanks, will see you in SA in September for the Scrap Convention!

Terra Sovinsky

I am in love with the dear lizzy line and pink pasilee lines so I think anything with either of those would be a winner.


I do love that 7Gypsies photo stand. The Dear Lizzy Spring can also be used for "the season of growth" type themes. Pink Paislee has loads of funzy stuff, too!


so what did you decide to do???

Dale P

I would like to see a mixed media book with Pink Paislee's Queen Bee.

Mary M.

After all the great feedback you got......I'm now imagining you locked away in your scrapbook room putting together fabulous future classes.

Can't wait to see what you've designed.......hope you'll be giving some sneak peaks soon

Janie Robinson

My idea is one I created for my brother after visiting him last summer:

"Our House is a Very, Very, Fine House" could use any of the product lines shown-

page: 1. housing development picture or neighborhood & pictures of street signs on the way to the house...2. mailbox & street view of house & closeup of the front door and doorbell/knocker...3. view as you step into the house...4.(and more) 2 or 3 views of each room (including the garage), 5. view from some windows to the view outside..6. outside yard...side, etc. 6. view of the back of the house. (perhaps pages couldbe added for front pictures of other houses lived in with dates.)

I've taken classes with you at Scraptopia in Brandon, Fl and Whim So Doodle in St. Pete. I look forward to whatever you create and to seeing you again.

Janie Robinson

Here's another idea:

"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"

again, any of your collections will do...perhaps the vintage paper would be a good choice

All of us have heirlooms, or favorite things that mean a lot to us but not necessarily significant to any one else

Design a book to feature pictures of things that we love with space for journaling to say WHY it's important. My book would include pictures of the big earthenware bowls that belonged to my brother who died in '96; a huge black rock from Japan, a clay figure made by my son in 5th grade, an old Singer sewing machine from 1913 (my grandfather's anniversary present to my grandmother on their 1st wedding anniversary), a cake plate that my grandmother kept on her dining room table-it ALWAYS had a cake in it! Well, you get the idea.

Janie Robinson

Here's my last idea - using the 12 space Artist Printers' Tray by 7 GYPSIES:

ATC cards for the month:

every month, the tray could be changed to display 12 cards about events of the month. Yes, this would eventually include 144 cards, but your class could start us off and get it going.

Each month, there would be the usual holiday cards, but there would also be cards for the birthdays and anniversaries of family members...somewhat like a perpetual calendar.

I would like this class to be full of bright colors that typify the season...for example, August's cards could be pastel or watery colors...featuring fish on one card, hammocks on another, screening (for the times we spend in screened rooms outdoors) covering another, 3 dimensional cup or lemons looking frosty cold, perhaps one dedicated to ice cream, another one for vintage bathing suits, etc.

I'd be happy to brainstorm with you. Thanks for considering my ideas!


I love (and have) all of the lines you mentioned. The thing that I would like to learn in a class are ideas with a canvas album and/or the sticky back fabric pieces. they are pretty new in scrapbooking and it always helps to see what someone super creative (that would be YOU) come up with. I wish I could go to one of your classes!


I'd love to see something made for graduation. It could be for high school or college. My daughter is finishing her sophomore year and I am so behind! I know I need to get a jump start before her high school graduation is here. I know the school day theme has been done before, but I love your perspective and how you design. I would just like to see a more grown up version than the ABC stuff that is out there.


I love the idea of using the stand to document Life's Highlights - key special moments that we love so much we want to put them on display. Like a family or personal "greatest hits". I can see some special pockets and flips to tuck in extra photos or journaling. I would love to see a bit of a mix of products... like maybe Oct Afternoon but with some Pink Paislee letters and elements.

I would also love to see a travel/trip mini. Again with pockets, envies, flips to hold all those extra tidbits and photos.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Annette Navarro

A class featuring 7 gyspies Stand. Title : Treasured Recipes. This can appeal to everyone and its useful. It can be made as a gift, or celebrating our recipes we've collected. We can add a photo of an mom, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, friend, or dad and feature their recipe. Its unlimited. The pages can be decorated with banners or seasonal Holidays. Thrift shop and Jenni Bowlin would make wonderful and eye candy pages. The best part of this project, it can be passed on to anyone or keep for ourselfs. Another title could be: (Last name} Family Cookbook

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