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Lyndal Chapman

Hey Debby,
I attended your class in St. Petersburg at Whim so Doodle. I loved it! My friend Melissa and I were glad to get a break from our kids. Thank you for providing that opportunity. While I was there I also bought the left over kits from Saturday, both Birds of a Feather and Pennies from Heaven. I just thought that when you have time you could send me the directions.
Thanks a bunch and God bless,
Lyndal Chapman


Looks like you had a beautiful sunny day...hooray!! It was a real treat for me to see you all last month...maybe it should be an annual event?? :) Enjoy your last day, even if it is rainy! Love you!! xo

Ginny C.

I'm beginning to believe in your pennies from heaven. I was having a really bad week(nothing was going right & some downright tragic things happened.) I live in Savannah & my husband & I were walking on the beach. We were talking about not finding any starfish for a really long time, when suddenly there was a starfish, then another, then clusters of them. In about a hundred yard stretch of the beach we found 319! We left more than we collected, I wanted someone else to find them & I couldn't carry anymore. I think I'm going to decorate the Christmas tree with them next year.

Deb J

Ah, such wonderful pictures. So beautiful. Your relationship with your parents is beautiful too. I'm sorry you have to go back to the cold winter weather. Stay warm and better weather will be here soon.


Love these pictures of all of you together. It's pretty sad though when even the people who live there are in sweatshirts, huh? I'm glad that you guys at least got to enjoy some sunny days and the beach. I know how you love to visit your parents and get some shopping done, some sun and a little work in there too.

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