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Nancy Wyatt

Awesome job so far!

Tracy Whitney

A perfect spring project. Looks GREAT! I'll be right over. :)

cheryl yelverton

OH MY GOODNESS !!! How does one collect so much stuff and how did you know what was where?
The after pic looks so nice. what are the pink boxes on the shelf and where did you get them ? I hope you didn't pack up the cat.
Your before pics make me feel so much better about my little scrap room.It is an absolute chaotic mess.i have too much going on at one time.
Your new look is great, keep up the good work and way to go hubby.


Yikes for before! And those cubes made a big differentce ... it looks great now! I bet it feels wonderful to be in that room now. Great job. And let's keep the collection going for the next garage sale ... October?


I see the dish I gave you for Christmas!! Perfect--Love you, Mom


Hi Debby, good job on your room. Looks great. I love those sugar shakers. Might need to get one! Happy Creating.


Geralyn Gray

You are lucky--the roses and a finished room(hard work not luck).......I have to do that also. We might be showing our house soon to rent or sell.....and I don't think too many potential buyers will appreciate my craft stuff. I am going to have a garage sale in April. I have to remember to take pictures before---not too proud. Looking at yours gave me some inspiration----thanks!!!!!!!

Jenn E.

Fantastic transformation, Debby! You will find such inspiration in the new organization (although I doubt YOU need that!). Hope you're well!

Terri Harmon

You are such an inspiration. I had just bought two of those cubes to hold my recycled Personal Shopper boxes so I could store my paper scraps by color. Now I'm motivated to tackle the rest of the room (looks much like your before pictures!). Aren't those cubes the greatest? I didn't need as much room as the drawers offer and found my boxes fit perfectly as drawers in the 4 shelf cubes. The 40% off was icing on the cake! Can't wait to see more photos. Thanks for sharing.
Terri Harmon


I'm in awe!!!! You did a fantastic job!! I can just "see" your creative energies flowing back now that you have such a wonderfully organized work space :)))



OMG I thought I needed help in my Studio space but your mess sure made me feel better today. I bet you are going to get a whole lot more creative in your transformed space!
Hugs, Diane

a place for ink

You deserve and award for all this hard work - getting it done so quickly and efficiently! Congrats! It looks great!

jessi nagy

hey sweets.
wow awesome. i know how much had work this was.
you did a fabulous job!!


Is there such a thing as clean-desk envy? I can't imagine how you did all that in one day! So tickled you are highlighting the sugar shakers in your newly organized space :).

Robin M

Your room is beautiful now! That is so sweet that your husband helped with the effort.

Melissa Cavanaugh

love the space!! especially love the sugar shakers and the shoe :-)


Debby- if you decide to have that yard sale please tell me!! I'll head right over!! Not that I need anything, but that wouldn't stop me! xo natalea


Looks beautiful Debby!!


Janet Ang

Oh My Goodness, Debby! What a beautiful craft space! I was actually thinking about those same cubes at Michael' you have given me the incentive to clean up my space too! Looking forward to CKU Nashville and taking your album class!

Janet Ang from Norcal

Sharon Hakanson

Hi Debby-I have your blog bookmarked and come by every once in a while to see what you're up to- but have never made myself known-but I love what you did to your craft space! I am more amazed at the fact you did it in a weekend! My craft room is stuffed and not finished yet, but I have hope that if I just get started, maybe I can do it too! I have got to get to Michael's! Thanks for the inspiration-it does come in many forms. Have a lovely week! Sincerely-Sharon Hakanson from Iowa

Amy K

Hey Debby. It looks awesome! I redid my room awhile ago, but it's buried again. I did manage to clear my desk and most of another table yesterday so I could think, but it's a far cry from being organized. I have alot of other white storage things and I look at the cubes every time I'm at Michaels...might have to break down...

Amy K

Sheri M.

Wow, that's truly impressive, congrats!

I went through a cleanup/cleanout recently and it's amazing how calming it is to give everything a home!

Carol G

I did the SAME THING this weekend, Debby. I hated to take time away from actually scrappin' but like you, I couldn't stand it anymore. I still have a corner to clean up, but after a big purge, I can find everything again... I think!

I hope to see you at CKU Provo again.

Carol in CA


Oh I love seeing where other people create and how they organize everything. Thanks for sharing!


hi debby,
all i can say is wow!
wow to having your own space!
wow to diving in and reorganizing!
wow to having it all clean!
someday, i can say wow about my scrap space:)

Susan Tidwell

Wow, what a great cleanup you did and your room is amazing! I love the white, pink and black. YOu have inspired me to start on my room - it looks like your before pics! I just wish I could afford 10 of those storage units!


WOW and Jealous! Two words that describe how I feel:) Nice job, wonderful honey!

Susie Vasquez

Hi Debby, Thanks for the great inspiration on organizing your closet and scraproom, I'm in the process of doing that, It's going to take me a while, my studio is 750 square feet. And It's all full of treasures.

Michelle Aguilar

wow, you have a lot of stuff, but, good stuff.
hey I got into CE again for my second straight year, waited patiently for the past two before. So, I have an idea, since I live in Mesa, want to make a goody bag for me and I will pay you for it at CE?
Just helping out here with a good place to sell it to, me> LOL
Ok, well can't wait to meet you!


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