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Germany 2007

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Deb J

I'm happy to hear you arrived okay, slept some on the plane and didn't forget your passport. All good things. You have me looking for graffiti now when I drive around--the good kind. There is more than I realized. I love all the churches they have there. I would find myself taking a peak into them all. Would love to see the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps with roses and all of those fountains you mentioned. My that gelato looked yummy. I can't eat it though. A couple of weeks ago they added 30 more foods to my Intolerance list. Do do seem to have a big police presence there. I don't blame them with all that is going on any more. I love flower markets. One thing I miss about having moved to this apartment is not being able to grow flowers. The man with the book looked interesting. Would love to have a conversation with him--see what he is reading and why he is dressed like that to start. Looks like you are having a good time. Can't wait to see more pictures.

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