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Deb J

I have figured out why I am so intrigued by Paris and London. They are both so old and established and have a personality. Here in the US it seems like they tear down the old so they can put up all these modern buildings that look alike. Now the shopping malls are becoming empty and only the upscale ones are surviving. I enjoy your trip pictures so much because I see character in the buildings and no look of cookie cutter architecture. After saying that, I know I will have to be happy with your pictures because I would not be able to do all the walking and climbing and such. I'm so thankful you share your trips.

I think I really like the area around where COS is. There is something about it that speaks to me. That wisteria is beautiful. We had a restaurant in Indianapolis that had lots of wisteria but it all got demolished by a tornado. The restaurant survived but the wisteria didn't. They replanted but it will take years for it to look like it did as it had been there for 50+ years.

Le Bon Marche looks huge. I think this is the first time you have shown pictures where it wasn't all gussied up for some occasion or another. Feels weird to see it so "naked."

I really like that park with the cute little carousel. I love the Paris parks you have shown us. Again I think it is because they are established, have character and are definitely well used by people enjoying them.

Whew! That is definitely a small toilet. I'm surprised you were able to get the door closed. Bet your knees hit the door. And that staircase!!!! You don't want to be in a hurry there. Grin.

I'm looking forward to your next post. I have a hard time not using your photos to make scrapbooks of places I have never even been.


Thanks again for your Paris posts...I love them. Reminds me of my visits to Paris, the places I love to visit and you show me the places I have yet to experience.
Please don't ever stop posting, no matter how often you go! Love being an armchair traveller.
Thank you....Suzy in Sydneh, Australia


Thank you for sharing! I love every detail!

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