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Great job on a HARD task or sorting and weeding out! I wish you lived closer! I'd happily come and help!! Making order out of chaos feels so good!
Keep up the good work!
I think that for most of us we see something in those piles that we would love to have! :) xo

Debbie V

Not embarrassing at all. You give us all hope!

Lana Kloch

congratulations.. you must feel freer..

Sharyn Schaffter

I need you to help me- my closets and crafting supplies need de cluttering and organizing. You have motivated me. Thx Debby


I've read the book and believe in it wholeheartedly. I've decluttered clothes and need to do books. It feels so great - you'll notice it more and more over the coming weeks. You feel so free! Good work, congratulations! Be proud.

Anna-Marie Antonicelli

Wow what an amazing job, You have now inspired me to get off my behind and do the same. Love your little helpers. They are getting SO big! Thanks for the Inspiration Debby


Debby, you did a great job. I imagine you will find you will declutter more as you revisit your closet in a few months. It is a hard task but as time goes by you will find yourself decluttering in other areas too. I'm proud of you for recognizing this and letting God guide you.


Great job! I've read the book and cleaned up my closet too. But I dread cleaning up my craft supplies. Will you send your little helpers to help me with that? :)


EVERYONE need a clean out now and then! EVERYONE (especially when you have lived in one place for a number of years!

Helen slabodukh

Good for you! Not many people would admit this and I'm applauding you!

Kathy Gielow

I did the exact same thing this week! Yesterday I took 4 huge bags to donate. I need to get rid of even more because I need to totally empty out a closet. I found things I never even remembered I had! I have no right to buy anything else at all!

Debbie Nobles

Read the book....released a lot of clothes....after 3 cycles of purging I'm down to 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of black pants....and it works!
I love the cat help....

Lisa M

I also have little cat, helpers! You should read the book; it is quite motivating! I started a few weeks ago - blogged about it here:

So far I have tidied my clothes, my books and my yarn (OMG, I had so much yarn) and next will be handbags. I've been putting off the handbags because I have a fairly debilitating handbag obsession and it's going to be very hard to get rid of some. But how wonderful is it to go into your closet and see only the beautiful clothes you love!

Cindy McCool

I so need to do this but can't seem to get motivated. I have all my "work" clothes from corporate America days and haven't worn many of them since 8/2012 but still, they are in my closet. I do have all of one thing all together and feel your pain about the tee shirts. Imagine all that I had since each sporting event gives you a commemorative one! My daughter arrived 10/14 & we will tackle the garage to make more room for my scrap crap since it has bled over from studio to bedrooms & hallway. I'm excited and maybe that will prompt me into action for the career closet.

Gloria L.

Any progress is good, I say. Keep up the good work!


Fantastic Debby!! I need to do some purging of my clothes and crafting supplies! You should be proud of your hard work! I have to find that book!
I find the crafting supplies harder to purge!

Andie D

I love the Konmari method! It really has helped me set things free!

Let me know when you get ready to release craft stuff! I'm only 10 minutes away - I'll be over!


I have read the book and I would recommend that you do too. It is a very quick read and some of it is "a bit much", IMHO, but the concept - which you seem to understand - is a good one. Good first step - doesn't it just feel great????
Have a good week,

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