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Deborah Blanken

I have been seeing others with their journaling Bible - I think it would be a great help in my personal study time - I would live a chance to win one!!

lindsay ostrom

Debby... this is beautiful. You are the second person I have seen to do this. What a great idea. One more pen to try is the Pentel Hybrid Technica. I love it in my moleskins, which are a bit thicker paper but might act the same way. I am sure that God is smiling!!!


Is the word "happy" a stamp? I've contemplated stamping in my Bible but haven't been able to find out what inks won't bleed/smudge. Love your work, it's beautiful.


I absolutely love your work...and I love this concept of Bible Journaling. I have been making some notes in my regular Bible, but the margins are very narrow...I have to write sideways! I would love to get the ESV Journaling Bible one day and really start creating beautiful worshipful pages to Him.

creative Tara

I've been loving seeing what people are doing for artistic journaling in their Bibles, and would really love to have one myself! Thanks for a chance to win :)


I have loved the journaling part of scrapbooks. To me it's what makes it personal. Just recently I started an actual journal. I was inspired by my late mom who had many journals that we didn't know about. It has been comforting, inspiring and sometimes funny to read through her most private thoughts.
To start a Bible journal is just beautiful. Reading through passages opens up your mind and bares your vulnerabilities and darkest secrets. What better way to capture those thoughts. And yes they are love letters to God, but also a wonderful gift for our loved ones!

Michelle M.

What a neat idea to bring artwork into your Bible and make it more personal. I love the idea of this! Thanks for sharing some of your pages...they're beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the ESV Journaling Bible!

Debbie B

I've been looking at the journaling Bibles for awhile now as I'm always writing sideways in the margin of my current Bible...not knowing if I'd really utilize it. But you've inspired me!! What a great idea to make visual reminders of the truths God is teaching me! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Stegall

I am so in love with this concept! I have just been given my first one and would love to pass one on to someone in need! Thanks for the opportunity, Debby. And thanks for the inspiration.

Lauren Potoky

I love this idea Debby! I think that people need to develop their own relationship with God and the Bible for having someone tell them how to believe doesn't make it "theirs". It took me a long time to figure this out - my father became "born again" and felt the need to tell me how to believe and what my relationship with God should be. It wasn't until I took a 100 level class of Religion at my College - really did I understand the Bible and what my relationship with God was all about. I would love this Bible and it would definitely go to good use as I journal everything else, but not my Bible - I don't have any margins! :)

Debbie Bennett

What a blessing this is for so many!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us <3

Maureen S

Debby, this is beautiful. It is a great idea!

Tina Cooley

This is very inspiring and beautiful! Thanks for letting us see your Bible.

Gloria L.

Debby, I had no idea that this even existed! What a blessing it would be to own one. Thanks for the chance!

Kim Lewis

What a beautiful and awesome way to grow in the knowledge of the love of God and His Scriptures. I will often scrap while listening to online lectures on Scripture. This sounds like a way to deepen the experience.

Lindsay Weiser

Love it, I have always underlined and colored scriptures in my bible and I can't believe I never thought to use stickers stamps etc in it!

Kathy Gielow

I love the idea of doing a journaling Bible! Thank you for sharing all of this information and your pages. I definitely want to start this practice. As always, your pages are beautiful and meaningful,

Janelle  Jones

What a beautiful idea!! Using the creativity God gifted you with to study His Word and highlight His promises! Love it!!! It's an awesome way to share the Truth with others too!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration :)

Lori Souter

This is such a wonderful way to include your creative side with your faith. I love it!

J'ana meehan

What an amazing way to share your love of God with others.

Lisa D

I have never seen this, nor has it ever occurred to me to do this - but I LOVE it! What a blessing you are to share this AND in giving away an identical bible. Awesome!

Courtney Walsh

Love this! I've been thinking about trying it myself!! :)

Joanne Smith

Hi Debby!! I saw this on Shanna's IG post. I've been wanting to jump in and journal, but am so afraid I'm going to mess it up! Take care!

Julie Dodson

Thanks for sharing this info. I am glad to have found your page. Bible journaling looks so fun and I feel drawn into the word even more. I am struggling with the first mark I hope to share this with my daughter. Thanks again.

Debby Schuh

Rebekah, the word "happy" is a vellum sticker from Amy Tangerine by American Crafts. I have stamped a little bit using a Versafine ink pad that is older and so it's not very "wet". You can see on my test page that you can see it on the back of the page but it doesn't bleed through.

Debby Schuh

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement! It has really me excited to jump into the Bible everyday!

Ashley Reagan

I just recently came across the idea of bible journaling and have to say that I absolutely love the idea! I love seeing what others are doing with it! Thank you for sharing yours!


Love this bible, on my list to get one!!!

Alice Oelslager

Thank you very much for sharing.

I love the Bible, reading it, learning from it, holding it and now writing in it. I imagine time spent journaling in the Bible to be very peaceful and loving. My favorite quote about the Bible is:

The Bible was not given to increase our knowledge but to change our lives. ~ D.L. Moody

Brittany Keene

My entire group of girlfriends are bible journaling, and I've been meaning to get my hands on one as well! I'd love to have one that comes from you! Your art is so inspiring and motivating, and you truly capture the essence of Gods word!! I love it! :)

Cori Spieker

I would love to enter your giveaway! Your work is beautiful!



I've been wanting one of these for awhile now after trolling the Instragm feeds :-) I so love the idea of bringing the words to life.

Bree Tetz

Your pages are stunning. What an inspiration. Thank you for sharing such a personal project. Our LSS is planning a illustrated faith group and I would love to be a part of it. You have helped kick start a new passion. And I'm glad u showed which pens to use, that'll help me a lot!

Lisa Wilkinson

Thank you for your inspiration and chance to win! That is so sweet! I have a special young lady who could use this Bible and the encouragement it might bring to her!


When I need a fresh start or perspective, I always buy a new Bible. There's something wonderful about re-discovering things you already know (and underlining them again). I've been thinking about getting one of these journaling Bibles ever since I saw you post that photo! :)


Your pages are beautiful! I would love to win this for a friend from church. She is an amazing artist, creative momma of three, and strongest faith-filled person I know. She is having surgery for breast cancer later this month, and a journaling Bible would be the perfect gift to help her healing and recovery. Thanks so much for the chance and for your generous heart!

Deb J

Debby, as I have said before, this is a great idea and I love what you are doing. I"m hoping to get one of these at some point. I used to have a journeling Bible but it was in a ring binder and so heavy that you couldn't take it with you. I like the looks of this so much better. I do wish it was NIV because that is mostly what we use in church but will just not take it. Instead I will come home and read and reflect and respond.


I love this new idea. Such a wonderful way to express your thoughts when reading scriptures. Thanks for sharing your personal pages.

Suzy Bubar

I love this idea. I too have always made notes in the margins and highlighted my bible and scriptures. I am always wanting to make more notes than there are margins! I love the idea of adding the extra touches and using them to remind yourself of the "place" you were in at that time.

Amy Oxford

I love this!! Where do you get your stamps and stickers?

Vivian Meza

I've really wanted a journaling bible for the longest but never have enough to purchase one online! I would really love to win, this would help me seek God in a more creative yet deep way. May God bless you greatly!!

Sandra Gutierrez

Due to a work related injury I am on Disability and am now on a fixed income and trying to make ends meet. I find reading and studying the bible to be heartwarming and a means to further connecting to our Father the Almighty Lord. I would truly be blessed if I could win the #biblejournal I ask this In Jesus Name!

Amy Crossley

I recently found out about bible journaling as well. I have used the same bible for over ten years. I would like to start using a new one and get pulled into God's word more and more :)

Debby Schuh

Amy, I'm using stamps and stickers that I've collected along the way with my scrapbooking supplies. If you google October Afternoon letter stickers, you will find a lot of sources for their letter stickers. Some of the other stickers are available at local scrapbook stores or online.


I love this idea. My best friends mom something similar to this years ago.
She used to DRAW the bible for Wycliffe Bible Translators. She was a beautiful artist. Her bibles were used in villages in South America where there were no written language.
She took her own bible and would draw in the side margins. She is gone now, but she gave me a bible with certain passages done like this. I cherish it. I would love to have this bible to begin doing the same.

Morgan K

Such an awesome Bible. No more squeezing notes in between verses, and plenty of room to doodle. I'm not the most creative, but I need to get back to Bible reading & deepening my walk.


I have this Bible and love it! I would love to win and bless my best friend with it! Thanks for a nice giveaway!


Debby, I would love this. What a wonderful gift to giveaway.


Really love this! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :)

Denise Daniel

Hi, Debby. I have been following the Facebook Bible Journaling Group and absolutely love your pages. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for the chance to win a Journaling Bible. I would love to join in on this spiritual journey with all the other beautiful journalers. blessings, denise


Debby, you are the first I have seen doing this! Your additions really make the verses come alive! Great job!


Kym Brown

This has to be the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. Bringing together my two loves: studying His word and journaling! I would love a chance to win this. Thank you

Shelley Goodknight

The art you have added to your Bible is beautiful! Very inspiring!! Looking forward to following you.. Be blessed.


Your illustrations are gorgeous!


Love it!! Hope you post more of your pages as you do them.


I journal in my Bible too. For years I thought I was the only one until I found the FB group lol. I LOVE that you tested your supplies in the back, I so need to do that! TFS your pages are wonderful. xx

Consuelo Garrett

I have recently discovered Bible journaling through your blog and the Facebook group you mentioned! I am so excited to begin a journaling journey of my own and would love this bible to begin!

Rosanna Ayres


Thank you so much for sharing this great idea! I have a Bible that belonged to my grandmother that I treasure because she wrote notes in the margins. I have been making a few notes in my Bible, but have been wanting a journaling Bible and you have inspired me!

Duan Berendzen

I absolutely love this idea! Always have loved your work!

sandra smart

I love how the journaling bible is so reflective and shows a persons individual style. I have followed several blogs about the journaling bible, and everyone's is so different, yet I love them all. Thanks for your work.


Please do not add me to your giveaway list. But, I wanted you to know that I love how you are approaching the journaling and I've loved seeing these new ideas on Instagram. I'm definitely getting one. Whatever enables people to get into the Word and apply it to their own lives is a great thing!


Michelle Aguilar

I love this so much. God bless you Debby. when I was a single mom with just 2 kiddos. someone stole my ryie study Bible all marked up, right after I could finally afford a cover. that was in the 1994, and now of coarse I have a new one and may others. I love that strategy.
thanks for sharing.

Janelle Jones

I know I already posted once, but I had to share this too ;) Justin and I (and Judah too of course :) ) were driving to PA today and I was just thinking about your Bible and it led me to remember how special it was for me to look thru my Mamaw's Bible after she had passed away. Her handwriting and notes made the Bible such a beautiful, special keepsake. I couldn't help but think about how awesome it would be to have an "art-journaled" Bible to leave behind for my kiddos someday- with art journaled verses the Lord spoke to me thru, or stories and notes about how God was working in my life… This is such an awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing it!!! :)

Elizabeth Kerr

I absolutely love this idea of bible journaling. I love art, and the life it brings to these pages in of God's word, and I would love the chance to win your extra bible.


Being visual by nature I've really been drawn to your posts on this.... I adore how it makes the word come alive and see it as a possible better way to meditate on the wotdxand the message. I would love to win and get started... either way Bless you for sharing as I feel that alone has been a gift.


This is so amazing! I recently became familiar with bible journaling through Shanna Noel and it is also through her that I found you on instagram and now your blog. I'm searching for ways to shape my relationship with God and I've discovered that quiet time, praying and reading my bible, really is the way for me. In my regular bible I've already been putting emphasize on some passages by underlining them and I think this journaling bible would be an awesome way for me, since I'm a scrapper, to work with on this journey of faith. Thanks so much for a chance to win and thank you for inspiring through sharing your pages!


I would give this to my 11 year old cousin. She is very artistic and would love this.

Lia Biscoe

Thanks for the inspiration Debby, I didn't know that such a bible existed. Would love to try bible journaling.


I love your ideas for bible journaling. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Would love to try bible journaling.


Love the idea of a journaling Bible. Thank you for blessing someone with a Bible.

Kelly Goree

I would absolutely adore this! I've stepped away from scrapbooking for the most part but this would give me such a wonderful way to study the Word AND be a little creative! Perfect!
Thanks, Debby!


wow this is so lovely. I'm realy born in the wrong country we don't have such cool stuff, to praise God.

Melissa Adcock

I have just started investigating bible journaling for myself and cannot wait to start! I think it would help me to remember scripture better since drawing pictures helped me study in school! I would love to win!


Beautiful... in so many ways!!! Thank you for gifting this 😃✨


Please enter me in the giveaway. I love the beautiful things you do! I look forward to your coming back to Oklahoma soon to teach more classes.

becky d.

What an awesome giveaway! If I don't win, I just may be going on-line to get one...and maybe an extra for a gift!

Kelly Janes

Debby, this is whole post is just beautiful. Beautiful artwork and such a beautiful gift you will be giving to one of your followers!!! Blessings!!


Beautiful! I have delayed in ordering a Bible because i haven't been able to make up which one would be best. Now i know. I see i'm also going to have to do some other supply buying from the list of products you use.




I love this idea! I saw it a little while back and have been telling a good friend about it. I'd love to get this for her!

Wendy Whitten

TOTALLY love this format and the inspiration - than you for sharing! I have a niece that would love this.


Would LOVE to experience God in a new and creative way with this!!!

Mathilda Rudolph

I just love this idea.

Warm love from sunny South Africa


I am just starting to read the bible daily and re strengthen my faith after some very tough time away from Him. Your post could not have come at a better time. I can't wait to get a journaling bible and start!


I have been so taken with the beautiful journaling bible posts I've seen over the last few months and am dreaming of having my own pretty much everyday. The past two months have had some surprises and I haven't been able to justify buying one yet, but I'm so excited for when I can hold my own journaling bible in my hands and start filling it with creative study, praise, and reflection. Thanks for adding to the inspiration!

Crystal Schaar

I could so use this! What a great and creative idea, Debby! I am loving all of the fb posts on this and I am so glad that you did a blog post about it. I used to be so afraid to write or highlight in my bible. I am all in on this idea. I love that this bible has extra space to the sides. Of course you would dress it up. Lol! Love it! Thanks for doing a giveaway. I would love this bible. Xo

Julie Arellanes

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art work, and personal devos with us. This is a blessing. I stumbled upon this page from another page. I am new to Bible journaling and would love the opportunity to win this bible. I am not artsy (but that's what stickers are for, right?), but I am visual and I learn and remember things by what I see. I just joined the FB Bible Journaling group last night when I read this and I look forward to more ideas to get me started started in what looks to be such a blessing.


What a wonderful way to read through the Bible!

Clair Lambright

Brilliant!!! Combining one's journal WITH one's Bible!!


What an amazing and generous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to have such a gorgeous Bible!

Robin Marshall Clark

Oh my Debby! This is fabulous! I never knew this kind of bible existed. I love it. It's great for making all kinds of notes, highlights, call outs and connections. Thanks for sharing this with us. God bless!


I know a young man who will be graduating from a 1 year Christian based rehab center in a couple of weeks. He has worked hard while he was there, studying and learning God's Word. He has a Bible and uses a composition book for his notes and drawings. His Bible is highlighted and filled with scraps of paper covered with even more notes. I know he would appreciate a new Bible as he starts to rebuild his life outside of rehab. I think a Journaling Bible would be perfect for him.


Found it :) I would love to have a Journaling Bible, but i'm from oversea so it will cost you alot i'm afraid.

Love your work.

God Bless You.

Eve Jansen


What a beautiful idea and a great way to reflect on scripture!

Debby Schuh

The comments for this Bible giveaway are now closed. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement! I wish I could buy every person a Journaling Bible! Be blessed in your reading and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! Much love!


Debby - Hi!! Your Journaling Bible is one of my favorites I've seen! I just ordered mine and your examples have made me just absolutely giddy about starting!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your pages and your heart. Hugs!

Julie Arellanes

Did I miss it? Who won the Bible?

Debby Schuh

I posted the winner on Facebook last night - I used a Random Number Generator (and prayed that just the right person would get it - even though I hoped every person could get the Bible) and it chose number 11, which was the comment by Debbie Bennett. I wish I could buy every person one of these Bibles. Thank you all so, so much for your comments and for visiting my blog. I hope to see you here again!

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