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Cary Bright

My DH travels alot so I have always had to pack in a 20" suitcase to be able to carry on or check. I roll all my items with long pants flat on the bottom flip flop with the waist bands in the suitcase first and all the rolled items on top then fold the legs over the top. The biggest error is not using travel size products in your cosmetic bag. Alot of times I will buy items at my destination, use them and leave them. It is cheaper in the long run with baggage fees. Key items are a folded large bag for extra items purchased while traveling [if needed] and zipper bag for chargers. Key tip- you really only need 7-10 outfits for a month as most people/places won't see you for more then 7 days!
Debby... I think you need to do a part 2 with how you pack your electronics and Purse for long trips! Thanks you for all the inspiration.

Deb J

Well, you probably would't want to go with my idea. 1. I only have about 14 pieces to my entire wardrobe. When I travel I take a carry on and that is it. I try to take clothes that I can "wash and wear" easily. I take as little as I can.


I have friends who travel a good deal. They are mostly traveling for fun these days. In February they went to Milan and area for 10 days and each traveled with a large back pack. They took several pairs of slacks and then all shirts and tops were older items from their closet that were left behind after they were worn. They bought toiletries after they got there and supplemented their wardrobe with new buys on the economy. I know you feel you have a certain level to maintain since you are before a class, but you really need that many shirts and scarves?? LOL


This is a great post! I think we like to have choices and so we pack too much! The idea to take black or navy and EVERYTHING has to match it is great! A couple of scarves and simple jewelry finish it out! Travel size toiletries are a must but hard when you are gone for more than two weeks! And Cary is right, you only see people for a few days at most so you can pare down to what you need for 5-6 days and rotate! I always think you look great and put together! The coat and scarves are the answer!
Post a pic of what you actually take this time! I'll be praying for decisiveness!!
PS Talk about what shoes you take! That is my hardest decision and I know you walk...a LOT!

Jan Simon Clark

As someone who also travels way too much - travel size toiletries are a must. If I'm staying at a "chain" hotel and I know what type of shampoo/conditioner the hotel provides, I leave my at home. Do NOT pack a blow dryer - every hotel provides them. I have stayed at hotels & motels across the price spectrum and every single one has provided a hair dryer. Ok, I don't blow dry my hair when I'm at home, so I definitely don't blow dry it on the road, but I have traveled with folks who have a fully stocked salon in the suitcase. Also, limit shoes - walking shoes and one pair nice shoes. Yes, you can be gone a month with only two pairs of shoes. Does anyone really care if you are in dress slacks and walking shoes? Your money spends all the same. Safe travels and thanks for facing the fact you have a scarf addiction.

Carolyn Peeler

Scarf addiction is right Debbie. Silly lady ;) Hopefully my list will help you out. Seriously, that is the stuff I pack whether I am going 1 week, or longer. As long as I can do laundry, I'm set!


Where did you get your knit dress?


Great tips!
My feet are always cold so I pack fluffy socks in my carry-on.

Debby Schuh

Cheryl, I have a knit dress from Anthropologie that I like to wear for flying - it's super comfy and doesn't look sloppy. Lisa, I always have socks with me too!

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