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Oh my! What neat little treasures! I was imagining myself there!
LOVE the pink wicker purse! It is you to a tee!!

Deb J

You always find such neat things. I am really intrigued by that Bargain Barn. I know we have to have something like that here I just need to find it. I'm glad you all had a great day.

Amy K

I wish I could have joined you...I found a few interesting things at the Woman's Exchange in Sarasota on Saturday afternoon...I will totally try the Bargain Barn next time...Not sure how I missed it!

Andie d

Any good places to thrift at home? I'm not finding any good stuff in b'lo!

Tammy Whitley

Im in love with the wicker purse. Just my color!!!!! I wish I could have joined you, but surgery on my knee didn't allow it this time!!!! :( Hopefully will see you soon at WSD.
Hugs my friend!

The chair lady!

deb musick

I just wanted to be there with you! What a fun place!

Larell Strickland

I grew up reading the BIBLE type book you bought and I LOVE that snowman with the tree!!!!

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