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Amy Sammoury

Wow, I love your work! Just my taste, and your instructions are clear and well written. Thank you! Amy

Lisa Mann

Thank You SO much Debby for posting everything about this page. I LOVE LOVE everything about it. I've been in a bit of a slump with this project, lacking some basic inspiration, then this morning I see your page and BAM, I'm so excited to get started again. I'm working on another journal as well, "Draw Your Awesome Year", with Joanne Sharpe, it's SO fun as well. It's my first time to ever do an art journal and then I end up starting TWO!!! I am loving all the wonderful girls you meet in the classes and their creativity can be overwhelming at times to me, but inspiring at the same time. That's why I loved how you posted step by step with pictures. Your work is just yummy! Please keep me in mind for your drawing, I haven't started my cover yet, and using the scalloped metal edges would be Fantastic, and who doesn't love 7gypsies !!! Enjoy all your upcoming classes, your life sounds so Adventurous and fulfilling, I will be following YOU! Lisa Mann Portland, Oregon


i enjoyed reading your blog. It is amazing to me how this DPL project has struck a cord with so many. No matter how busy or involved our lives are, we seem compelled to participate on some level...and to connect with one another. I just love that!
Do what you can, how you want, with what you've got...and have fun!


Great read!!! Thanks for sharing.


After reading this, I think I need to play too. Madeline and I went enabling shopping yesterday!

Larell Strickland

Thanks for sharing your project and so great you can have some of your OWN fun time!!!! Thanks for sharing your journaling and so true…with NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD!!!! HUGS

Deborah Barnhill

Great job on your journal!! Wonderful journaling, wish I could write like that!! I have searched the WWW for those metal edges! Hope you pick me.

Gloria L.

Look at you, venturing out to art journaling, and doing a great job! It is so gratifying to find homes for all the little goodies that we collect along our artful journeys. Thanks for sharing!

Erna Price

Love your journal, thank you for sharing! I'd love to win this giveaway!

Judy B.

Love this page! And I appreciate your willingness to share how you created it - thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of your work when you can find the time to play!!


Love reading your blog! It inspires me. Love your style!

Deb J

I'm so glad you took some time to play. It turned out great. What fun. Looks like you now it is done.

Kathy K

Love it!

Calvina W

I've been doing the Documented life project since the beginning and absolutely love it. I love the variety and uniqueness of each person's art. It's very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your page.

Sharon Bennett

Are you sure this is a first time thing for you? I love anything vintage and have all of the old books like Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew and even a complete set of the Hardy Boys. Yes I am a Tom Boy! You did such a great job on your flaps! Thanx for a chance of a win!


I think your page is wonderful! Thank you for sharing all the details. I have not even started mine yet but I am enjoying seeing all the different styles and techniques.

Annette W.

I love your page! I too am a fan of vintage and your page resonated with me. Please enter my name in your drawing!

Connie Heitner

Beautiful Debby and so you! Enjoy your fun time being artsy fartsy, you need it!

Victoria S

I love your journal pages, so vintage!
I looked everywhere online for 7 gypsies metal edgers, without any luck.
I've been obsessed by them since I saw them in Lorainne Bell's class:)
I would be more than thrilled to win this giveaway.
Thanks so much for the chance!


Wow! So many comments! That means we love all of your comments and instructions!
I laughed out loud at the Trixie Belden page! I loved her books and read every one I could as a girl! Happy Memories!


Nice blog...I enjoyed all the pictures too!

Sylvia Yanas

Hi Debby! I also am participating in Lorraine's amazing project. Have had so much fun with it. Love reading your blog and keeping up with all your travels. I reminisce a lot about our Fredricksburg retreat. What a wonderful time we all had. Forming special bonds while sharing our stories. Would love to win the give away to add those rulers to my project! For now take care and hope to see you soon.

Mary Lee

Love love love! Thank you so much for sharing your process. Your flap on a flap is wonderful!

Iti Fox

I love the paper doll. Some time in November I was thinking about paper dolls, and had a need to get my hands on some. I too am dragging my feet on this project.

Not because i dont have inspiration, but i need to decide on my journal layout. I think, it will just contain blank pages with monthly divisions. Yep, thats it! OI, ive been going round and round with myself for over 3 weeks now.

I love the circle stamp and bird stamps you used, and how you used them. Love the page.

Hope Mr. Kitty remains in good health, take care.

Cindy Barger

Thanks for such a fun post and a chance to win! After reading your post I ordered my planner and watched all the videos in the intro class and can't wait to play!


Thank you for sharing. I loved reading your blog and your process for putting together your page - the paper doll is fabulous and I really like those stamps. And, wow, Trixie Belden books are a blast from my past!

Kristin Williams

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I am not yet ready to attack the front or binding of my project, but what you've done is giving me good ideas of how to start!

Lorraine Bell

Yay Debby! We are so happy you joined the project and as usual, you did not disappoint! Your page is OUTSTANDING! I can't wait to see what you come up with every week. Thanks for being such an inspiration, and thank you for being my friend!


Debby, Loved seeing your page pop up in the DLP feed! Hoping we get a chance to spend more time together soon! Thank you for all your kind words.

Carol Wheeler

enjoyed reading your post and would love to win!

Jan Simon Clark

Love reading your blog especially this one. Enjoy your trip to Texas next weekend.


A flap to a flap....that is certainly right up your alley! Very cute..out of your comfort zone, but still shows you. Thanks for sharing.

Lina F.

Thanks for letting us "newbies" know how you create your fantastic projects. Thanks too for the chance.

becky d.

Loved seeing the steps you took to create your lovely pages! It was like sitting in class with you again. :)


Thanks for the chance to win and Keep Creating!!

Nancy Goldston

Lovely flutterbyes! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for a chance to win! bye

Ann phillipson

I love ur pages & now am at ur blog even more that ur posting abt dlp
Im addicted to dlp!

Katarina Adams

I just love your page and your blog is so very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Paula Decker Haynes

Love all your sharing about the group and how you do it. Would love to get the scalloped edges. I could not figure out where to get them. If I don't win I will have to check out Seven Gypsies. Thanks.

Paula Haynes

Thanks for all your sharing.i. Have been wondering where the scalloped edges came from. Your page is very vintage and I love the colors.

Debby Schuh

Thank you all for commenting! The comments for the giveaway are now closed but you can still comment for the fun of it! :)

Pamela Palmer

Love your blog!!! Love your art!!! I have been looking for one of those metal 7Gypsy that she used in her mini class. However, I haven't found one. Thank you for sharing your blog!

Kimberly Park

Great blog! Very thorough. Thanks for the chance to win some metal. =)

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