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Germany 2007

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Love those metal letter tags! Love the views of the shore line from the air! Love YOU!

Barbara Thompson

Wow! You had a huge group!! Paper Tales is lovely inside! So much eye candy!!

Deb J

What a good sized group. That's great. I've wanted to see Paper Tales in person since you started going there to do classes. Such a nice looking store. I love the So. Cal beach areas. Our denomination has a University on Point Loma (Nazarene) and you can imagine how the students love that area. I went to it before it moved from Pasadena to Point Loma. Missed the move by 6 months.

Lola Fields

Debby, I love the shirt you have on in the picture in front of the old window. Would share where you got it?

Creative Hugs,

Debby Schuh

Lola, it's Free People brand but I got it at Nordstrom. Thanks!

Larell Strickland

Love Paper Tales and Love you Debby Schuh....San Diego misses you ALREADY but can't wait to see you again in July. Such sweet things you've said. HUGS! (And for Deb J, my niece went to Pt. Loma College for 1 year and her dorm was RIGHT ON THE CLIFFS of the ocean.)

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