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Kathy K

Here's hoping Mr. Kitty feels up to par with his shots.


We had to pull our cat and after a wrestling match, succeeded...pill down and a pinched nerve for the cat. We switched to injections...good thing for me that Jim is Dr. Science and was able to take care of her.

Jann Neiers

We always spend our hearts on ones that we love. Furred or flesh....we fine that love.....has no boundaries.......we love them all.
Good luck with his treatment.


oh I hope he will get better with the treatment...they love us without any conditions...if you can help him...

Amy K

Good luck with his treatment...hope he feels much better soon...glad you found a vet that would work with you and him...try wrapping him in a towl (feet and all, tightly to calm him (of course you have to get him in the towel and maybe he will do ok with the shots...good luck!

Deb J

So sorry about Mr Kitty. Glad it was something treatable.


I'm happy to know that Dave is equal to the task!
Medic Brandon will be home soon and can supervise!
Hope Mr. Kitty is on the mend!


Wishing Mr. Kitty, Dave and you good treatment outcome. I stopped my husband from feeding our dog biscuit and gravy to prevent diabetes. Hope to see you in 2014!! Merry Christmas.

Jill Goodhart

Well having had this experience with TinkerBelle for almost 5 years, IDE do it again in a heart beat to have her with us. At first Scott did the shots but soon I was doing them too. Tink went blind a month later from the diabetes so "just so you are aware", it happens sometimes.
It will change your lifestyle in that the shots have to regular twice a day...I know you travel so much so I guess your hubby will be the one to maintain this new life.
I know when our vet told us we were so afraid of loosing sweet Tink ..we would have done anything for her and did. But that's because she was everything to me.
We now own part of the new vet building !from 5 years of maintaining TinkerBells life..but no regrets, wish she were here right now.

Tammy Whitley

Aww Debby, I'm sorry Mr. Kitty has the dreaded diabetes. But I'm glad you are treating him. It's so hard on our hearts when one of our fur babies are sick. If they could only talk and tell us what is wrong. I'm so glad you got him to a vet that took care of him right away and didn't have to put him out to examine him (never heard of that). I will keep Mr. Kitty in my prayers and I know he will be better soon. Hugs and furry kisses for Mr. Kitty from my 3 kitties and hugs to you my friend.
The Chair lady at WSD.
Love ya!!!

Ann phillipson

You are so lucky to have found that wonderful vet!
You are so lucky that mr kitty had a treatable ailment!
He looks so much better. I hope he keeps doing great!
Each one is irreplaceable & unduplicatable! So unique!

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