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becky dunnell

How fun! If I could afford to shop in Paris, I would love day!

Deb J

Okay! You got me. I'm hooked. I want to go and see all of these places with all these wonderful products. There isn't one thing you have shown that I wouldn't like to have some of. I think your idea of keeping your little albums from your London and Paris trips in that little suitcase is so smart. Love the notebooks with the vellum envelopes and the craft envelope one with each page having a window. That's some great colors in the Washi tape.

Arlene Summerhill

Debby, love the Washi Tape. Looks like this type of tape would work so well on your projects. I have been collecting this type of tape for the past 6 months and have done some cute things with it. For Christmas I attached it to clothes pins and used the pins for closures on little treat bags. Looked really good.

Glad you enjoyed your Paris trip. So jealous that you get yo go to Europe every year.

Kim Johnson

Reading your post makes me wish I would have spent more time shopping while I was in Paris! Guess I need to go back!


Debby, I love looking at all your photos and reading about your journeys. Makes me realize that I really need to go back to Paris.

Kathy K

You know I'm in for Paris next year :-) Merci looks like a great store. Love all the fun treasures like those notebooks with the envelopes included. Love the Liberty Washi tape and that little suitcase. I have an idea of where you bought those vintage labels because I bought some like them last year. Could you please show us how you use them?


Thank you Debby for sharing your adventures! So fun to see, read about your travels. Love all your purchases, please keep me in mind for your April 2014 trip!


Merci sounds like a wonderful store and Paris is somewhere I'd definitely love to visit. What treasures you found!

Leigh Card

How much fun to discover a new store, Merci looked really cool! Thank you for sharing!

Connie heitner

Would love to go with you in 2014! Hopefully it would be when I have spring break. Love all the treasures you found. Those notebooks would make the most wonderful scrapbooks. Hey did you buy the bobble head cookie?

Kathryn Harpold

A shopping trip to Paris with you? Sounds decadent, and irresistible! Always enjoy reading your travel and acquisition posts as well as those of your family. Of course I would love to offer a wonderful new home to your French Liberty Washi tape...

Ellen Heller

I only wish I could afford a trip to Paris

Shelly Berg

I love seeing all of your treasures ...Merci seems like an amazing, must-see shop!


I love following your blog and your travels! Keep giving us a glimpse of awesome!

Kathy Swendner

Your takes of shopping and sightseeing just inspire me to go there. All of it is SO MUCH FUN!!


Thanks for sharing the good and the bad (iPad story) from your travels. Enjoy reading your blog.

Renee S.

I always enjoy reading your blog. It's always interesting to read about your family, the places you travel to, and all the adventures you have. Can't wait for the next installment!

Robin M

Liberty of London Washi tape?!!! Oh My!!! Does it get any better than that?
I'm glad you had a wonderful trip.
thanks for the chance to win.


The washi tape is adorable....but the embossed bee made that a "need" instead of a "want." Great buys.


Reading your blog is like being right there with you! All of the little details and the pictures capture your journeys so well! It is fun to savor each one and read it slowly to capture the details! Even though I am not there, I feel like I am! xo


I asked that stalkers 3 and 4 get your Paris trip tempting!

Linda Swetnam

What fun to have washi tape from Paris! That's about as close to Paris as I will ever get. I love reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures.

Sue Eldred

love your looking at your trip photo's.
Maybe one day.

Heather Thomas

I am so jealous right now! I've had a love affair with Paris for my entire life and I've never even been there! Thank you so much for posting photos of your trip. Merci seems like my kind of store. :)

Karen Mitchell

I'm making it a goal for Paris 2014!


I always enjoy a peek at the treasures you find on your travels.


You almost manage to find the most unique goodies!

Sue Thompson

Love your pictures and descriptions of your shopping treasures! Love hearing and seeing the delicious treats you manage to find as well! I almost feel like I am traveling with you!

tammy perkins

Always enjoy reading about your travels - they sound so wonderful!

Gloria L.

Thanks for sharing your travels with us - I love seeing things through your eyes!

lynne ATL

love to read about your adventures! so inspiring

karen petersen

Loved meeting you in class in phoenix. Love your blot with all of the wonderful pictures and treasures. Thoughts and prayers to your military family. Members. Karen a proud army mom

jean keller

How I wish I could join you and visit Paris once more. As a child and as a young woman I stayed with friends and Paris captured my heart.It would be wonderful to make some new memories to blend with the old. I so enjoy your travels. Perhaps, someday, my home , Wales, will be on your itinerary.


I love reading about your adventures and getting to travel "with you." Thank you!

Kelli R

Love the washi tape! ANd seeing all of your adventures! Merci d'avoir partagé.
Kelli ~

Angie U

I love reading about your excursions into London & Paris - you make it seem so easy! Washi Tape? Yes, please & Merci!

Jo Anna

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us - you brighten my day here in snowy Idaho!

Debby Schuh

Thank you everyone for commenting! The comments are now closed for the washi tape.

Andie d

I want to be you when I grow up (or at least when my kids do!)


Wow. That suitcase is beautiful!!!

Anita Houston

It's beautiful!


This post is great. I realy love it!

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