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wow, Debbie--- praying for you today- but THANKFUL you shared about the message--I love the one where you said "being envious of others is Doubting God's good plans for me-- I loved all those and I thank you so much for writing this .. It was a huge reminder and encouragement!!


I Love you Aunt Debby! XOXO
<3 ~ Julie

Judy in Huntsville- AL

Dobn't you love how god provides for us even before we know we need something? Having that message on your heart really is helping you to get through today! Praise Him! [And we all have days like this, you're not alone!] Praying for those you care about it - sometimes the needs seem so great - but Our God is Greater - our God is Stronger! [A song from our worship on Sunday - love!]

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Good words, Debby. I'll be praying for your situation. We have a scary situation in our family right now too and it's so easy to allow fear to rule instead of God's peace and provision. Thanks for sharing your heart today.


Wow Debby this post really hit home for me today. We are going through the same thing it sounds like.

Hugs, Lola

Debby Schuh

Thanks everyone! It's comforting to know that, when you share from your heart, that others share the same struggles. I'll be praying for each of you.

Deb J

Debby, I am praying God will use this day to take you one step higher in your walk with him. He is so good to do things like that. I have had days like you are talking about. I am praying for the other requests and Dave's brother. My prayer list is long but MY GOD IS AWESOME!!!! Such a cute picture.

 Heather Nay

"Today when I'm tempted to worry, I am doubting God's goodness and am tempted to take matters into my own hands and try to fix things rather than trusting in Him and His wisdom."

Thank you Debby, I totally needed this today! :) God bless. Prayers for you. hugs.


A verse for you, to encourage you...

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face to you and give you peace." Numbers 6:22-24

It's one of my favorite verses and always reminds me the Lord is with me, in the midst of it all, no matter what the circumstance, and that he always brings a blessing, in good and bad, although we may not see it right away.

Hope to have you teaching in San Jose soon.

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