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Deb J

Oh my! You do have a lot to do. Take a deep breath and just take on one thing at a time. You can do this. Praying for you.


Just do what HAS to be done. Easier said than done,I know. If you MUST design your own cards, we will make sure we treasure it! As Deb said, "take a deep breathe...". I'm praying for you, too, and we know He has answered the same prayer before!


Sigh only wish I was coming to see you in Florida. I'll jut have to settle for my kit being shipped to me.

Larell Strickland

Just saw this on facebook...hope it helps a bit:

My to-do list for today:

Count my blessings
Practice kindness
Let go of what I can't control
Listen to my heart
Be productive yet calm
Just breathe

And, what they forgot to mention, was to RELY on the Lord and lengthen your day and give you strength!!! HANG IN THERE

Kathy K

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Breathe--everything that is truly important will get done.

Anita Houston

Wish I could go to Florida too!!!! Love their cup towel.


whew!!! no matter what, when or where...'Be STILL (if not without at least within) and KNOW that I am GOD'
Praying for you, my traveling friend!! xo

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