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I love the dish and glassware!


Nancy Wyatt

I love my iPad too! I haven't tried the pad because I don't find myself sitting at a desk to use it. Santa brought me a 27" iMac so I'm loving that sitting in front of me ;) I'm going to try and make it to your March class(es) in Texas when you come to Waco :) hugs from Conroe, Texas!

Amy K

I love the lego guys...haven't seen the green ones but haven't bought any lately either...have many tubs of them currently stored away waiting for grandkids someday. Probably about the same time I'll be able to get an


lovely little vignette! love the date 1/11/11 or 1.11.11!
sounds like you are enjoying the work you have to do! Hooray!


So glad you love your iPad. My husband is the product marketing manager for iPad at Apple. He loves to hear how people are using them and I told him you were using your's for your presentations when teaching classes (I got to see you use it last time you taught in San Jose). I love that keyboard you have. I might just have to get myself one. :-) And the lego soldiers are so dear. Thanks for sharing them with us.


oh oh ! the keyboard is great ! it sounds like I'll be getting work soon !! ;-)


love the little lamp! so fun to discover treasures! and of course, I love your little Army men :)

Mary Mitchell

OMG.....being an army Mom I love those legos. I'll have to find some to send to my son.

Debby Schuh

Thanks all! The Lego soldiers are from the Toy Story collection of Legos.

I can't believe how clean your desk is! How do you do it? I am a messy creative person...organized but messy...

Kay G.

I love the lego soldiers and that lamp is great in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing. I would love to be able to take one of your classes this year.

Michelle M White

Kevin received that same Lego set for Christmas!

Alicia Schuh

The lego medic even has a litter, thats amazing! I didn't notice it before!

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