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Hi Debby!

Yes, you are right, I do want it!! LOL I have yet to see them anywhere near me...

Hope your tub holds up, good job on the re-paint, looks great!


Gloria L.

Painting that tub could not have been easy on the knees! You are so brave! Thanks for offering Tim's little stapler!
Gloria L.


Oooooooooooooooooohhh--pick me, please! : )
Let us know if the paint holds up...



...great job on the tub!


The tub looks great! I've been trying to find a tiny attacher to see what its all about and haven't spotted one in the stores yet.


Tub's looking great. ;) Yeah for home beautification! :)
Have a great day...


Good for you!! I hope that with all the work you did, it will work out! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! LOL!

I've heard about this tiny attacher...haven't seen them around here..another needed tool ;0P

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!
MargieH in Chicago

Shannon Coyne

you are so correct....I have heard so many good things about the tiny attacher....thanks for the opportunity!


Hi Debby. Your tub looks great. I didn't know they had paint to do that. I have a sink with a couple of chips out of it. I wonder if this would work. Hmmm.

The tiny attacher looks so cute. What a great way to attach stuff to our pages with smaller staples. You gotta love T!m. Thanks for the chance to Win.



Your travel album looks great! Thanks for the great giveaway too!

Debbie Rice

I love the idea of painting a bathtub, have a house we want to get ready to put on the market. And I LOVE your ideas, have taken a couple of your classes at past CKU's and still am thrilled with the projects we did.


You are so right - I do want this..
Thanks for the chance!

Michelle Tostado

Hmmm, I may have to think about painting my tub! I had not seen Tim's new tool, but it sounds like something I should try, fingers crossed.
Thanks Debby!

christine plaxco

I'm not shy. Yes I WANT IT!!!! Good work on the tub.

joanne sharpe

Hi Debby.. LOve the tub, it looks fantastic!! I see a tub painitng kit with my 20 yr old son's name on it next week.

Not here for the drawing, as i have and love the attacher...just had to comment on the great tub, and am surprised there are no pockets, ribbons or chipboard letters attached to the front of it yet!! Huggs!

Maria McGuire

I've been looking for that Tiny Attacher! Would love to get one! Love your bath tub!

Amber Aslakson

Tub looks great! I love the new Tiny Attacher as well.


Your tub looks great. I wish I was that brave. Does the paint come in colors? I need to try this little tool before I order them. Would be great if could win one. Thanks so much for teaching such a wonderful class while you were in Nashville.


Lisa M

The tub looks great!

I would love the tiny can never have too many staplers!


The tub sure looks great, what an improvement for so little time and money. My experience with tub painting has been bad, I hope yours works out to be a long lasting one.
And I sure would like that tiny attacher, thanks for the offering!


i want it and i wont be shy about it:)

Debbie Fitzgerrel

Good luck with your project Debby!!!! Looks like a lot of work!! AND I DO LOVE THAT STAPLER!!!!!!


You are a brave soul to paint a bathtub. Never even knew that was possible! Sherry


Wow, the tub looks amazing! Great job! You'll have to tell us how it holds up.


too true I want this! And wouldn`t it be SWEET to win something on Thursday!!!- my big 4-0 birthday!...yummy!....just love the pics of your tub. The older styles have so much more character than the new ones don`t they!!


The new color looks is hard to find a good old cast iron tub nowadays...would really like the attacher also. When are you coming back to Virgina?


Thanks so much for the giveaway. I also didn't think I needed another stapler until I saw this in person and fell in love with the little staples! Good luck with the bathtub.

Denise Morris

Pick me! Pick me! I would just love to have this. Tim Holtz's product line is phenominal. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!


Tub looks great....ready for my next visit! xoxoxo, Christina

Lynn Gleason

thanks for the opportunity Deb...and the tub looks great; I hope it holds up

Melissa Evans

wow! The tub is completely transformed... Who knew?!?! I hope it lasts :) the tiny attached looks like waaaaay too much fun. It's the little things, right :)

Donna Sullivan

Your tub looks great! It's got great style to it! If you buy a new one you will lose the cool detailing on the bottom! I sold my old house and moved to Florida and bought a brand new one. There's nothing like having the character of originals in your house! I miss mine! I hope to at least get a class kit from Coconut Grove. I'm having a new Granddaughter (my first!) since I saw you last October at Ruban Rouge, found out about three weeks later. Well she is due any week now (3 weeks tomorrow!) and I will be flying into NY to welcome her into our crazy world! Hope to see you soon, if not, you'll know where I am! Love the new projects! Take Care, Donna Sullivan
PS As a Navy Mom, I'm right there with you! My Son just returned home from 6 months in the Persian Gulf. The Homecoming was amazing, so proud to be an American and even prouder to be the Mom of a US Sailor! Love that give~away too!

Donna Sullivan

Not sure what happened to my post, but it was long and I don't want to type the whole thing again! Great job on your tub! Hope to see you in Coconut Creek, unless my Granddaughter decides she is going to arrive late! Having my first (due July 1st) And I do have a spot in my tool box that cute little attacher will fit into!

Sandy M

Wow!!! That is a wonderful transformation. I didn't realize that you can paint the bathtub! It is amazing that a can of paint can change the whole look of the space.
Thanks again for the opportunity to win T!m's tiny attacher.
Please post a picture of your finished bathroom. I love to see how the whole thing turnout:)

Angie Cockroft

I need to be painting. Have a great day!

Denise Daniel

I wanna hear how the tub painting works. Sure made a nice difference in the look of your bathroom. I'm currently doing some updating on my house as well. Hope I win the Tim's Tiny Attacher.

PS. Can't wait to meet you at Creative Escape. Yippee! I get to go!

cheri p.

Thanks for the tip on the tub. My grandmother was just talking about painting her pink tub the other day but didn't know how or what to use. I think I'll go pick up one of these kits at Lowe's and do it for her. Your tub turned out great!! I love Tim and his products. The stapler looks very useful and would be a welcome addition in my sb room :)


Oh I so would love to win this!! Great job on the tub!!

Jennifer Kretzschmar

The tile on your floor reminds me of my grandparents house... Makes me want to go visit them. The update to your bathroom looks great.

My mom and I signed up for CKU Provo and will be taking your album track. We had so much fun taking your classes in Wichita Falls!


You'll have to keep me posted on the tub.I have the same situation and if the paint holds up that would hold me over til I can afford to have it removed. I want one of those that has a door on the side and and a seat inside so when I can no longer step in and sit down in my wonder tub I can still take a bath. I never have been a shower girl.
I have wondered about that cute little tiny attacher... let me take it out for a dance.
Thanks for such a sweet giveaway, ms.cheryl


The tub looks great!

I would love to have the Tim giveaway. He comes up with the best stuff! Thank you for the opportunity to win.


Okay...I believe's tiny...I want it. The fact that it is a stapler just makes it that much better. :)

Melissa Boyd

Hi Debby! The tub looks marvelous!!!

Marilyn Tschorke

Hi Debby! Your tub looks so nice.

The Tiny Attacher looks GREAT!

I love reading your blog.


what a great give away! I was just at Michael s Craft Store and bought only Tim Holtz stuff.
I love love him and his creative mind. The did not have the Tiny attacher or I would have bought that too.
So please enter me in your drawing this would be a great addition to my crafting supplies. The tub looks great!!!

Leslie McLaughlin

Wow - what a great giveaway. This looks like it would be so much fun to play with. Good Luck with the tub!

lori p.

Believe it or not I have just discovered you and I am smitten. Anyone who would tackle a job like painting a bathtub is my hero!


What a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting this.

Susan L.

That would be fun to win, Debby! Looking forward to your classes at my LSS in Coconut Creek, Florida next month, and then again at Creative Escape in August! Lucky me! :-)


You can never have too many scrapbooking tools. It's just like men and their power tools.


Looks fabulous!


Great update to the tub! Would love the stapler.

Debbie O'Neal

Debby - Can't wait to see how your tub turns out...need to do the same thing to my old BLUE bathtub but wasn't sure it was worth the time and effort. Good luck with your tub.

I definitely want one of TIM's Tiny Attachers...he is so clever. Thanks for the opportunity.

Hugs from Debbie in Texas

Michelle Aguilar

Wow, that bathtub rocks! I need to paint ours also, thanks for the inspiration! I can't wait to see you at CE 2009, my second time around and see what we do in you class. I bet I will walk away amazed!
and thanks for the opportunity to win this adorable tiny attacher. I saw it in person and it looks like it works great!


Hey Debbie, what a cool give away. Thanks for thinking of us. I can hardly wait to see you at Creative Escape. Took a class from you at CKU Anaheim, (where your book was stolen, boo hoo) and have never stopped being your fan.

Dawn Begley

The tub looks great. I didn't know you could do that. I guess I have another project to add to my list this summer. The new stapler looks really great. Tim Holtz always comes up with great products that I think I must have. Thanks for sharing.


Oh, I would love to have another gadget. Can't wait to see you in Houston. Not taking classesm but will try to come by and say HI.

Emily Barklage

I didn't even know you could paint a bathtub! Good job!! The tiny attacher HAS been on my wish list ...

Sher B.

You are too funny! Taking creative to a new place I see, not surprised but what will you do next? It's always fun to see what you are up to. Maybe you should decoupage the outside of the tub with vintage stuff! xo, Sher B.


Wow Debby - you've gotten so much done since you got home from CKU. Loved your classes -and need a "tiny attacher" to embellish layouts inspired by your lessons. Smiles, Susan in Atlanta

Dana Bincer

LOVE that tub. What an amazing transformation. Looks a thousand times better.

I would love a chance to play with Tim's stapler. How fun. I just recently bought all his inks...and have enjoyed distressing with those.

Adrienne Crow

Thanks for the chance to grab this giveaway. It isn't very often that I try but this looks very handy. I'm sure I can find a million uses on my pages!


OMGoosh!!! Tim's tiny attacher is on my wishlist!!! Would love it!!!
Debby can't wait to meet you in July, I will be taking all your classes at Cherry Blossom Studios!!!

elsa christian

Okay, Debbie

I pull staples out of airplane tickets all day long, it be fun to put cute little ones into something I want to keep. Thnx elsa your flight attandant friend


The tub looks great - can't wait to see you at CE.

lori mcwilliams

thanks for the great idea of painting the bathtub!! Boy, do I need to do this. Been looking all over for this tiny attacher and low and behold YOU are giving one away...hope it has my name on it!

Stacy Gilbert

I would love to receive Tims tiny attacher it looks so cool! Your tub is looking great too!


Can't wait to see the finished room! I love the classes you're teaching. Please come to northern Illinois!!


Since you have experience now, you could come to my house next!!! Wish I was taking your new class...looks yummy!


One thing I've never painted is a tub :)! Ok, I do want this tiny attacher so I can finish your kits when you come visit.


It's amazing how much a little paint can spruce things up isn't it?? It looks great! Thanks for the chance to win the attacher - I'm dying for one!!!

Candi Ladwig

Wow!! I had NO IDEA you could paint a bathtub!! What a change!! It makes your bathroom look fresh and clean! It will be interesting to know how long it lasts.

I have been debating on the stapler... so it's really as cool as it looks??? I'd love to try it out!!

Robin M.

Great job on the tub! I would love to win a tiny attacher:)

Barbara Mason

I have been wanting a Tiny Attacher it looks so itty bitty cute....I don't envy you painting that tub, but what a wonderful difference it for some stenciling on it and then....hmmm....Barbara


They were telling me at my local scrapbook store how much they LOVE the Tiny Attacher! :)
And I love what you did with your tub - good for you!

Dana Taft

ohhhhhhh, oooohhhhh, Pick me! Pick me! I love this little stapler. And to go thru chipboard is amaaaazing.

Susan Tidwell

I didn't think I wanted this either until I saw it! Thanks for the chance. Your tub looks great by the way.

Denise Costa

WOW the bathtub looks great. I just painted my bathroom. I don't mind the large spaces it's the detail work that drives me crazy. I would love to win the stapler. Thanks for a chance.

Laura Scott

Your tub looks fantastic in the photo! I think you'll be happy that you took the time to do such a great job!

Take care!

Marian Biegel

Love the tub painting idea. But I really love your travel album that you made. Would love to see a kit available for this. Love taking your album track at CKU-Chicago last year!
Marian Biegel


i'd take one!! i took your just be class in az. i finished it and was going to take pictures so you could see it all finished. how do i get them to you?
jill b

Angie S.

I would love a Tiny Attacher! All of Tim's products are such good quality I would gladly toss out my wimpy little staplers.

Janet Ang


Tim said in Nashville that you can paint the staples with alcohol ink to make them different colors! Soooo cute! Can't wait until Creative Escape!

Janet Ang from NorCal

Carol G

Hey, Debby. I love all of Tim's products, but I don't have this one. In fact, I am taking a class with Tim on Saturday, using the attacher and Grungepaper, so I'd LOVE one of my own!

See you at CKU and Creative Escape and in Berkeley!



Amazing job on the tub! Can you start work on my tub this weekend? ;-)

And as for the stapler, I've never seen or heard of it, but it sounds absolutely FABULOUS if it staplese through chipboard!! Wow!


Wow, I didn't know tubs can be painted.

Thanks for the giveaway! For some reason, I haven't seen it in person yet.


need to do my tub also but would realyy rather have the mini stapler first. Hope it comes out good.

Renee S.

OK - I'm not being shy. I want this! Love the new tub. Hope it holds up. The white does brighten things up.

Kathy Laubenthal

I have been wanting this since I saw it, but haven't found it in a LSS yet. Hope the tub turns out - it looks really good in the picture.


I wondered how that tub painting would turn out. We had a blue tub...all the other blue fixtures had died and been replaced along the way. Finally we bit the bullet and replaced it with a deep white tub. I love it! The blue one was very could maybe get your knees under the water if the water was close to the top of the tub. We played with the idea of painting it, having it resurfaced and using one of those tub liners. Finally the overflow rusted out and leaked and we had to replace it.
Good job! Looks great.
From one of the Flat Stanley sisters in Florida!

Donna O

We had our tub re-glazed a few years back and it looked brand new. All shiny and smooth. They guarantee the work for 5 years, too. So, if your great paint job doesn't hold up, you might want to consider that. I think it's much cheaper than buying a new tub. It's also very difficult to get an old tub out and a new one in.
Would love to have a tiny attacher. It's all about the tools, tips and techniques and you and Tim have it all down pat.
Enjoy the journey! Donna O

Jackie Bailey

I was in your class in Nashville and loved it! I've already purchased one of each of the Fancy Pants albums and want to make the travel album. Do you sell kits for your projects. Looking through them on this website, there are many I would buy. Also, where can I get the Ball jar die cut? I'm a canner and I've got have it! I've shown the Once Upon a Time album to everyone and they love it! I've sorted my pics and am going to spend this rainy day puting them and my journaling in my album. I'll send pics when I'm finished. Thanks for your wonderful ideas!!!!


Just love the tiny attacher--thanks for the chance to win!

Audrey Bianco

Gotta love doing home improvment jobs---whether they work or not is sometimes not the issue!! and who doesn't need a new stapler? audrey


Love the giveaway! The tub looks great too! I cant believe how much it changed the bathroom and I can't see the whole room.
Thanks for inspiring me daily.

Laura B.

I must admit that I never knew anyone that painted a bath tub. LOL! Would love to win the TH attacher.


I love that you posted this! I didn't know a bathtub could be painted, let alone that Lowes sells a kit for it! I have a ugly blue bathtub and this would be a great way to change it. Thanks!

I have really been wanting one of the tiny attachers, it seems so cool!


I've heard so many good thing about this product! I'd love to have one. Thanks for the chance!


I've been trying to get my hubby to do that since we moved in a couple years ago
It looks great -- maybe it will be something I'll tackle when he's out of town
You inspired me. Those old tubs are a bear to break up & get out of there so anything
that makes it better for a while & at least look clean is great

Thanks for the givaway

Edelmira Rivera

I'm not shy! I want it! I have to confess I've never used a stapler for scrapbooking... I just don't have one... (I still don't have lots of things... hahaha)... so this is a great giveaway for me... Thanks for including me in the drawing and good luck to me... hahaha...
Also... great painting job! Congratulations.
Thanks again and regards to all!

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