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Germany 2007

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Helle Greer

Hi Debby,
What a sad day that was, and I tell, I went right to you blog, because I could not remember where your son goes to college, just remember that he was in engineering, and on the east coast, but was glad to find out that it was not Virgina TEC.
Have a great time at CKU.


Wow, love all your posts and photos, girl you do get around! I grew up just an hour from Detroit and fly into Detroit whenever I go home. Traffic is different but I can tell you the craziest and worst drivers all live in Nebraska, they don't have to take drivers training here! Have a great time. Love all the CA photos. Incredible views.

tracy whitney

Cute LO - I'm lovin' Fancy Pants stuff these days. Nedd to find out where to buy some. Have a great trip!

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